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Auto Carriers in Canada – Auto Transport Market in Canada

Auto carriers market in Canada is well developed and well established, and represents one of the strongest industries in the country. From oil and gas capital Calgary to snowbirding popularity with Canadian citizens, there has been no shortage in demand when it comes to auto transport in Canada.

It is popular on both personal and industrial levels. It is very common for Canadian large corporations to transport large amounts of vehicles from one point to another, due to the particular type of industries being the backbone of the country’s economy.

More often than not, smooth vehicle shipping, delivered on time and in an orderly manner, is essential to smooth operating of other parts of the business. So placing an auto transport request in Canada, what should you look for in a company you book with to make sure you are indeed handing over this task to the people who are right for you and your business?

First of all, how comfortable they are handling the size of your order. As a company with many successful years on the market that started with individual car shipments and grew to be able to handle shippings of thousands of cars at once, we know first-hand how important this is. With a decent amount of paperwork involved in shipments, especially the Canada – US ones, making sure vehicles are secured properly and taken good care of while in transfer, making sure the shipping is meeting delivery times – there is so much more to the transfer than meets the eye. And, of course, the bigger the task the more challenging it is to juggle all the parts of it.

We are also fortunate enough to have a large fleet of heavy wreckers available to us at all times, making it possible for us to take on as many bookings of every size as possible, and perform it in a short space of time without any delays. We also have a strong team of carefully selected drivers, true professionals in their field.

It is also worth noting that there are two types of carriers being used by auto carriers in Canada, and the rest of the world: an open car carrier, and an enclosed car carrier. The open car carrier is the most popular one as it is the most cost-efficient one, and allows for up to 10 cars to be transported at the same time. It does not, though, protect the vehicles from exposure to elements, so if this is something that is important for a client, an enclosed car carrier would be used instead.

We also perform a terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door delivery services, which proved to be very popular with our customers. There are a fair amount of companies who would be able to provide a service like this should you require it, so, again, if this is something that would be highly beneficial to your booking, it would make sense to go with a company that offers such a feature.

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