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Booking a Car Shipping in Ontario – Key Information about Shipping a Car Across Canada

When googling ‘car shipping Ontario’, one might become overwhelmed with choices and options a search like this offers. It is assumed that services like car shipping are very much aimed at a niche market, quite narrow in its demand and very specific in terms of its customers. However, it is far from the truth. The car shipping market in Canada is very big and versatile, with customers and their reasons for car shippings varying dramatically. So if you find yourself in need of shipping a car across Canada and are confused where to start with booking the shipping, we are here to guide you.

There are plenty of reasons why one might need to have a car shipped somewhere. From snowbirds needing a second vehicle at the point of their destination, together with a camper van they would be driving themselves, car dealers and manufacturers having business points in more than one province, auctioneers, to someone transporting their non-running vehicle that has a lot of sentimental value in it but cannot be driven anymore – the list is very long.

However much the reasons for transportations might vary, the process itself is not that different, so the majority of companies cover all kinds of transportations and shipping. The main choice lies in deciding whether to go for an open or an enclosed carrier when booking the shipping. Open car carrier is the most cost-efficient way of shipping. It allows for up to ten vehicles being transported at the same time, which cuts costs dramatically for both parties. Enclosed carrier allows only a few cars being shipped at the same time, however it protects it from being exposed to elements while on the road.

When it comes to money matters, fees for shipping a car across Canada might differ quite a lot, depending on a season, destination and, of course, the choice of the carriage. But, saying that, the amount of competition on the market helps keep prices at a considerable level, with many businesses trying to cut the best deal possible for its customers. Talking particularly about car shipping in Ontario, the destination that covers cities like Toronto and Ottawa and world-famous sightseeing spots like Niagara Falls, the car shipping market has been blooming there in the past few years. This has improved the level and frequency of services, as well as has kept prices affordable.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough is to always book with a company that is fully insured and fully licensed for performing the services of vehicle transportations. A risk like this just is not worth taking in both short and long runs.

It is also strongly advised not to leave requesting a booking to the last minute since, as mentioned above, some destinations are getting booked up very fast, depending on the season. The company you book with also has to be able to provide and assist you with all the necessary paperwork the transfer will require.

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