Car Shipping Services in Toronto

With everything Canada has to offer, from amazing sightseeing views of Niagara Falls and picturesque British Columbia, bringing millions of tourists each year; gas and oil capital of Calgary, attracting thousands of expats with its career opportunities; dozens of great universities, pouring the greatest of minds in to the country – the list is endless!, it should come as no surprise that Canadian automotive industry is just as strong and as popular. After all, it captures the essence of any opportunity Canada has on offer – one has to physically get there to grab it, and bring their belongings with them, too! This is why car shipping services in Toronto are so in demand.

To book some car shipping services in Toronto, all one needs to do is to go online and type it into the search. But one might get overwhelmed with all the options that are out there! So how to narrow the search down and find the right company or a person?

First and foremost, one has to make sure the company one looks at is fully insured and fully licensed for performing car shipping services – in Toronto, in Canada, or internationally if needed.

Secondly, one has to make sure the company is able to take up on a size of the shipping one requires. There are companies who do shippings of small sizes, and there are some who deal with shippings of industrial sizes, transporting thousands of cars at the same time. And then there are businesses like ours – we deal with shippings of all sizes!

There are two types of car carriers used for car shippings – the open car carriers, and the enclosed car carriers. The open car carrier is normally a default option as it is the most cost- efficient one, however shall exposure to elements be considered and avoided, an enclosed car carrier would be used instead.

With car shipping services in Toronto being surprisingly in demand for someone who has never booked a car shipping service before, it is strongly advised not to leave requesting a booking until the last minute, and to do so at least a week prior to the desired departure date.

Many car shipping businesses – including us! – offer very convenient terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door delivery services. These services proved to be very popular with customers, and definitely worth looking into.

There is also a fair amount of paperwork that would be involved in a car shipping booking, and it is very important that all forms are filled in properly and correctly. A company one books with has to be able to fully assist with filling in all the papers. The vehicle/s in question also has/ve to be prepared for being collected for the transfer – normally that would include filling up the tank, removing any personal belongings from the car, etc.

Some extra rules/ precaution measures might be in place for international transfers.

To book with us today or for any booking-related enquiries, please give us a call on +1888-755-6888, or email us at A free quote is available on our website.

Don’t forget to ask us about our special deal – ship 4 cars with us, and get 50% off when shipping the 5th one!

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