Common Questions About Car Transport Carriers Service In Canada

The business nature of automobile car dealers keeps them intact with the transportation of cars at longer distances. This states they have up to date knowledge about who to consult for the same? Out of so many car shipping service providers, which is the most reliable for them?

But if you’re new in the market of a car dealership, possibly, you might not know much about it. Or even apart from the business purpose if you need an auto car transport carrier service for personal use to get your cars relocated. You’re at the right place to get answers to your questions, and solution for taking off your car transportation headache.

We are the most reliable auto carriers in Canada dealing with vehicle transport in Canada and the USA. Professional Car Carrier ensures and takes care of the trustworthiness of the service and the vehicles during transportation. Below are the questions you should have answers of before you opt for an auto car carrier, do have a look.

How Much Notice Should I Give To The Car Transport Carriers In Canada?

It is preferred to schedule the shipment service in advance, to make it easier for the auto carrier to accommodate all your needs. Though in case of some emergencies, pick up of vehicles can be made possible within two or three days (In most cases at no extra cost).

Does My Car Possess Any Insurance During Shipment?

Your auto carrier in Canada is fully responsible for your car during transportation. Usually, they do include insurance charges in the estimate. It’s necessary to confirm and review them before it’s too late. They should own the operation authority certificate for their auto carrier service and company’s insurance certificate.

These are the most frequently asked questions by people looking for a vehicle shipping service. Other than that, if you’ve any confusion or query, you can contact the Professional Car Carrier. We are here to answer all your doubts and serve you with the best car transport carrier service in Canada.

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