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Common Terms Used In Cap Shipping Industry

If you are looking for a vehicle transport service in Canada who can help you with shipping cars/cars to another city or country, Professional Car Carriers is a proficient car carrier dealing in individual and dealership vehicle transportations. We make sure to avoid nasty dirt and grime that can make a fuss over the beauty of your car when it goes through open transport.


When you get your cars shipped to another, you’ll come across a lot of vehicle transport industry terms in Canada. Those terms might confuse you, or create complications in understanding the terms & conditions of a vehicle transport service. It happens notably in the case of inexperienced car owners for whom vehicles move in is a new experience. To a result of that new misunderstandings takes place in client’s minds and to avoid that we need to get aware of most frequently used terms, below are some of those;


ATA: It stands for Actual Time of Arrival, the time at which the vehicle reaches its destination.


ATD: It stands for Actual Time of Departure, the exact time at which the vehicle departed from the origin point.


Auto Transport: It defines the service of the vehicle transport industry i.e. physically moving a vehicle from origin pick up point to the desired destination. Also known by terms such as Auto-Delivery & Auto Moving.


Bill of Lading: It is a receipt form of documentation issued by the vehicle transport company in Canada for confirming that vehicle has been loaded.


Open Carriers: It is a popular and cost-effective type of vehicle transportation service, typically used for transporting multiple vehicles. These carriers are open to elements like wind or snow that isn’t a matter of much concern with a reliable auto carrier like Professional Car Carriers. Our experienced drivers take absolute care of your vehicle during the transportation.


Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping: It is another vehicle transportation service in which the vehicle gets picked and dropped from a certain defined terminal point. Authorities highly recommend it over other vehicle transport services in Canadasuch as door-to-door shipping.

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