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Domestic Auto Transport Service in Vancouver – Car Shipping Services

Domestic auto transport services are very in demand in Canada these days, with Vancouver being one of the most popular destinations where this service generates major revenue.

Whether it is a car dealer, auto manufacturer, an auctioneer, a student moving cities to go to uni, a snowbird, a tourist, or anyone else, – there is a thousand and one reason why one would be in need of a car shipping service when it comes to leaving or coming into Vancouver.

And although it should not be difficult to book a car shipping service with all the options on the market, it would be a right thing to make sure that the company of choice is indeed genuine and reliable.

First of all, and it cannot be stressed enough, however obvious the following point might seem, it is very important to always make sure that the company you are booking with is fully licensed and insured. Domestic transfers, especially shorter ones, might include less paperwork than international or just longer-distance ones, hence it would be easier to overlook the legalities. But it is a risk simply not worth taking, even if it would save you a dollar in the short run.

Some auto shipping businesses offer a terminal-to-terminal or even a door-to-door delivery service, which proved to be very popular with customers, especially businesses. A service feature like this takes a lot of stress out of the shipping for a client.

Open car shipping is the most popular and the most cost-efficient form of automobile transportation, widely used and very well-developed across the world, Canada included. Transporting a few cars at once cuts the costs, and significantly shrinks delivery time frames. But it is still advised not to leave requesting a booking to the last minute, and making an inquiry at least a week before a desired departure date. Depending on the vehicle type, destination and a season, some companies and routes might be too busy to accommodate a last-minute request.

It is very important for a vehicle to be properly secured when in transfer, as well as shielded and protected from exposure to elements. The drivers, or company staff who are in charge of loading and securing vehicles, have to be provided with necessary training by the company, and ideally have some experience.

It might also be worth checking the company’s social media: a company that is established enough and been on the market for some time, would have photos of previous transfers on it, or photos of vehicles/equipment they use for transfers – it will give you a better visual of what you are booking, and how a transfer would look like, as well as some peace of mind in some instances.

To book with us today, please give us a call on +1 888-755-6888, or drop us an email at pcc@professionalcarcarriers.com.You can also reach us on social media, or get a quick quote on our website.

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