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How to Ship a Car from US to Canada – Things to Know About Shipping Vehicles to US

When in a business that includes shipping some vehicles somewhere, especially internationally, it is very important to only work with people you can absolutely trust to with performing such an enormous and important task. As any car manufacturer or a car dealer would be able to confirm, many other aspects of a business or projects running smoothly depend on vehicle shipping services being performed according to all when’s, how’s and where’s agreed. But looking for a company to ship a car from the US to Canada for you, or just browsing some information regarding shipping vehicles to the US, how to make sure you choose the right company for you?

First of all, by making sure a company in question performs the exact type of transportation you require. Some companies might specialise in individual bookings, with personal cars being shipped due to people moving cities or countries. Some companies, like ours, might perform a wider range of services, and have experience in more industrial shippings, and/or shipping large numbers of vehicles at once.

After that, it would be handy to find out what equipment is available there at a company’s disposal. There are two types of car carriers used for car transportations: an open car carrier, and an enclosed carrier. The open car carrier is the most cost-efficient one, hence the one most commonly used. It allows for up to 10 cars to be transported simultaneously, significantly cutting costs for both the company, and the customer. An enclosed car carrier is a more expensive one, yet provides vehicles with coverage and shields it from any exposure to elements while on the move.

A company like ours, who counts both individual clients as well as large automobile manufacturers amongst our regular customers, and because of that has lots of experience in transporting thousands and thousands of cars within short periods of time, has to have a huge fleet of heavy wreckers available pretty much at all times, dusted and ready to go at a short notice. We pride ourselves in being able to take on an order of any size – there truly is no shipping too large for us.

It is also very important to only book with a company that is fully licensed and fully insured for performing vehicle shipping services, and can provide any required certifications. To ship a car from the US to Canada, or shipping vehicles to the US from anywhere else, one has to prepare themselves for paperwork that comes with such a transfer. The company performing the booking has to be able to provide and assist with all the paperwork, and all other requirements the transfer includes, such as removing personal belongings from a vehicle, full tank, etc.

Shall you book with us, we have a team of experienced representatives available to you at all times during the booking to answer any of your questions, and update you on any last-minute changes or requirements – special attention has to be paid to it due to Covid-19.

For more information, to make a booking or any general enquiries, please give us a call on +1 888-755-6888, or drop us an email at pcc@professionalcarcarriers.com. Do not forget to ask us about deals: ship 4 cars with us, and the 50% off the 5th one!

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