Moving Your Transport Vehicles Across Canada

We have many years of experience shipping all types of vehicles cost-efficiently throughout Canada and across the U.S. border. One vehicle or a fleet, we will get it there with special care.

Safety we promise to return your vehicle to you in the same condition as when you left it with us. That’s one of the reasons why auto manufacturers, big corporations, and others trust Professional Car Carriers with their properties.

Experience – after many years of experience, there is no type of vehicle we haven’t seen. We’ve moved hundreds of thousands of cars for people moving to new homes, snowbirds moving south, and for car dealerships as well as for auto manufacturers.

Vehicle Transport Services Across Canada

Snowbird Vehicle Shipping

We know that your vehicle is important to you. Therefore we will deliver your vehicle damage-free to your winter destination. Enjoy the convenience of door to door pick-up and delivery at Professional Car Carriers.

Businesses Vehicle Shipping

We have the systems to meet the special needs of auto manufacturers, car dealerships, and other moving companies.

Specialty Vehicle Shipping

Shipping a specialty vehicle such as a classic or luxury vehicle? No problem, because we do it all the time safely and securely.

We offer the following services to help businesses get their cars where they’re needed, from province to province or coast to coast:

Canada’s choice for vehicle transportation.

We make transporting your vehicles cost-effective and stress-free as well as:

  • We’ve been in the vehicle transportation business for many years, shipping vehicles across Canada and the U.S. for all types of clients, large and small.
  • We’ve moved thousands of cars for business clients including many large automobile And whatever your challenge is, don’t worry, we’ve got the solution to fit your needs.
  • At Professional Car Carriers, we hire experienced car carriers with needed training. Therefore they know how to handle cars and trucks of all makes and models.
  • The safety and security of your vehicles are our top priority, and we are prepared for any situation. Any vehicle you ship with us is insured from pick-up right through to drop-off.

Move Your Transport Vehicle Across Canada With PCC

Professional Car Carriers can handle shipping for a large number of clients, from dealers and manufacturers to businesses moving small fleets. No matter what your company’s shipping needs or destination, we can get your vehicles there. We are committed to shipping cars from coast to coast safely, securely, and efficiently.

If you can’t find the service you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help with your vehicle shipping needs. With our depth of experience and the resources at our disposal, there are very few vehicle transportation requirements that we can’t handle.

Enjoy convenient vehicle pick-up and delivery, door to door, between U.S. and Canadian locations with Professional Car Carriers. Get a free quote today to book your delivery or contact us to get more information at +1 888-755-6888.

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