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Need to ship a car? Check affordable car shipping services near you!

Moving to a different city, or taking a longer break in a different country, just as you would take some personal belongings with you for the duration of your stay, you might also consider taking your car with you, too – sometimes it makes much more sense to do so rather than going without it! And just like you would check the best deals on plane tickets, it is also worth checking best affordable auto shipping services in your area.

But it doesn’t have to be for moving purposes only – there are so many reasons why one would be in need of a car shipping! Be it a manufacturer, a car dealer, an auctioneer, or someone delivering his beloved non-moving vehicle from point A to point B. It is also popular with snowbirds.

Benefits of shipping a vehicle instead of driving it include:

  • Saving mileage. Driving the vehicle yourself to the point of your destination, especially if you are also planning to go back, might rank up a great amount of mileage which would not benefit you in the long run.
  • Saving yourself the tyre switching drama. This is especially popular with snowbirds: driving long distances across a country, and especially crossing a border, often means there will be at least some portion of the way where tyres have to be switched. And then switched back. And also on the way back, too.
  • Saves wear and tear for the tyres and the vehicle itself. Long-distance travelling, especially cross-country or across the border, leaves a car exposed to elements and road dirt for prolonged periods of time, which increases chances of damage. Shipping the car instead shields it from any exposure, thus in best case scenario increasing the vehicle’s life span.
  • For snowbirds who travel in a caravan or a camper van, shipping their regular vehicle to a point of their snowbirding destination allows them more freedom and easier travelling within the area – many town centres would not be suitable for parking a caravan.

Things to remember when booking an affordable car shipping service:

  • The company has to be fully licensed and insured. There is a decent amount of auto shipping services players on the market, which keeps prices competitive anyway. Hence taking unnecessary risk booking with a company that does not possess all required documentation is a risk simply not worth taking.
  • Delivery times – depending on a season and what type of shipping a company specialises in, delivery times might vary significantly.
  • Terminal-to-terminal/ door-to-door services – these types of services proved to be very convenient, so its worth booking with a company that provides this type of service.

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