Shipping a Car from Canada to the US – Who to Ship a Car from the US to Canada With

Shipping a car from Canada to the US, one might be surprised how many companies are out there who offer shipping services, and how large and well-developed this market is. To ship a car from the US to Canada, all you have to do is to fill in a quick form online, and it will be at the point of destination in no time.

According to the, 65 percent of the total value of Canadian automotive sector imports originated from the United States. The overall value of Canadian automotive sector imports valued at a total of US$74.1 billion in 2018. Canadian imports of automotive parts, components, and systems totaled US$20.5 billion. The Canadian automotive aftermarket is estimated at US$19 billion.

This perfectly sums up how well-established the vehicle shipping industry is between Canada and the US, and what a large part it plays in both countries’ economies. From personal one-car shipments to shipments of an industrial size, moving thousands of cars at the same time, the system is well-oiled and operates seamlessly.

Companies like ours are the backbone of the industry. We are proud of our spotless record; many successful trading years on the market let us perfect our operating processes, making sure every step of vehicle shipping is performed to the highest standard. We had time and resources to comfortably expand to the size we are now, which allows us to have a huge fleet of heavy wreckers at our disposal at all times. This means we are always ready to take on any order, and there is truly no order too large or too last-minute for us at this point. We are also very proud of our team of drivers, true professionals and masters of their trade.

To ship a car from the US to Canada, a fair amount of paperwork would be involved in the transfer. We have a team of dedicated representatives available to all our clients for the entire time of their booking, making sure they know who their first point of contact is. The representatives are there to assist them with any questions or queries they might have. A company one books a shipment with, also has to be able to provide the client with all the necessary paperwork. We have all forms available on our website.

We regularly operate on all major routes between Canada and the US, and always make sure we stick to the delivery time frames. We also offer very convenient terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door delivery services, which proved to be very popular with our clients.

To book with us today, give us a call on +1 888-755-6888, or email us at A free quote is available on our website. We can also be reached on all of our social media platforms.

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