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Shipping a Car from Toronto to Vancouver – What to Consider Before Making the Move

When it comes to Toronto and Vancouver, it is not easy to pick one city over the other. Both have an insane amount to offer when it comes to quality of life, activities, and sightseeing.

It certainly comes to personal preferences, yet there is one thing Vancouver has on offer that Toronto cannot compete with, however beautiful the lake Ontario is, – His Royal Highness the Pacific Ocean.

The majestic magnet, colossal beauty, finest example of divine nature, it attracts visitors and new residents to the city.

Of course, there are plenty of other, more practical or even trivial matters and reasons for one to be considering such a move. But whatever that reason is, many would also decide to take their car with them. It comes with a dilemma of driving it vs shipping it, and for those who choose to ship it indeed it is important to book with a trusted and a respected company that would take proper care of the vehicle while in their possession.

It is worth mentioning that benefits of shipping a vehicle instead of driving it yourself include saving the mileage, avoiding tyre wear and tear, as well as switching tyres along the way, winter ones to summer ones or vice versa.

When it comes to choosing a car shipping company to book with, it is very important to check for the business to be fully licensed and insured. You might be thinking of it being a very basic feature a business would not be able to operate without, yet you’d be surprised how many would be willing to skip a step or two when it comes to legalities and formalities. This is not a risk you’d like to take.

Toronto to Vancouver is a popular route when it comes to car shipping, with many companies operating on it. This guarantees you competitive delivery time frames. It is strongly advised, however, not to leave making the booking to the last minute – with the route being a popular one, it can be very busy and over-booked depending on a season. It is generally suggested to request a booking at least a week before the departing date.

Some car transporting companies also offer a terminal-to-terminal or even door-to-door services, which proved to be very in demand with customers. This feature tends to take a lot of stress out of the delivery process for the client, hence is totally worth exploring and paying attention to.

With Toronto to Vancouver move being a domestic one, no complicated paperwork should be involved in the transfer. However, the company you book with still has to be able to assist you with, and if necessary be in charge of, any paperwork included in the shipping.

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