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Shipping Vehicles from Canada to the US

Canada and the USA have a long-standing, well-established trading relationship, importing and exporting all sorts of things. Automobile industries of both countries are also strongly linked.

Shipping vehicles from Canada to the US and from the US to Canada is very popular with both countries, too, making this service very popular and highly in demand at all times.

There are plenty of companies offering vehicle shipping services to choose from, but one should keep in mind the following when making the final choice:

1. One should always book with a company that is fully licensed and fully insured for performing vehicle shipping services. There are plenty of good deals around, and saving an extra dollar booking with an unlicensed company might just not be worth it. Shall an unfortunate turn of events occur – a road accident or any incident while one’s car is in transfer – it might make resolving the situation very tricky.

2. When it comes to larger bookings, one should always make sure a company one books with is equipped for and comfortable with taking a booking of a certain size. We, as a company with many years on the market that was fortunate enough to have means and resources to expand and grow into the company we are today, know first-hand how complicated it might be for large bookings to be performed successfully. It takes having the right equipment, fair amount of experience, and a fleet of heavy wreckers – something that can only be amassed over a certain period of time.

3. There are two types of car carriers used for vehicle shipping from Canada to the US – an open car carrier, and an enclosed car The open car carrier is the default option as it is the most cost-efficient one. It allows for up to ten cars to be loaded and transported at the same time, significantly cutting costs for both parties. However, the open car carrier would not protect vehicles from exposure to elements. If this is something that should be considered – usually when it comes to transporting luxury, high-end or vintage cars – an enclosed car carrier would be used instead.

4. There is a good amount of paperwork involved in cross-border vehicle shipping. The company one books with has to be able to provide and fully assist with filling the forms. Some easy steps of vehicle preparation for transfer have to also be followed: removing all personal belongings from the car, filling up the tank, etc.

5. Many companies offer a very convenient terminal-to-terminal or even door-to-door delivery These services proved to be very popular with customers, and are definitely worth looking into.

6. Depending on the season and destination, some routes get booked up very fast and far in It is advised to never leave requesting a booking until the last minute, but doing it at least a week before the desired departure date.

To book with us today or for any booking-related enquiries, please give us a call on +1 888-755-6888, or email us at A free quote is available on our website.

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