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Transport A Car Across Canada – Vehicle Shipping Into Calgary

If you live in Alberta, work in Alberta or plan on moving there, chances are you tried googling ‘vehicle shipping Calgary’. And then chances are you are now aware of having many options are there for you should you need to transport a car across Canada, all the way to Calgary.

The leader in the global energy transition and Canada’s largest oil and natural gas producer, it has provided $105 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020, supported more than 500,000 jobs across the country in 2019 and provided $10 billion in average annual revenue to governments for the period of 2017 to 2019, according to the official government data.

So there is no real surprise in the area attracting large flows of people moving in, for work or for living in an up-and-coming area, which is also very good for new families and kids. And although Calgary has a very busy and somewhat advanced metro system, its locals do still heavily rely on cars when it comes to getting around, especially in suburbs, which results in the majority of households having more than one vehicle in their possession at all times.

Industrial car shipping is also in demand when it comes to Canada’s oil capital. Car manufacturers, car dealers, auctioneers, – the list of reasons why one would need to transport a car across Canada to get to Calgary is indeed very long.

So what would one need to know, booking a vehicle shipping to Calgary?

One of the first choices to make is whether to use an open car carrier or an enclosed one. The open carrier type is the most popular in the industry as it proved to be the most cost-efficient. It allows for up to ten cars to be transported at the same time, reducing costs dramatically for both the business and the customer. However, this type of transportation does not shield the vehicles from exposure to elements. It is for this reason that when transportation of high-end and luxury cars is involved, it is normally advised to go for a more expensive enclosed car carrier type of transportation. But this choice is completely up to customers’ personal preferences.

It is also advised not to leave requesting a booking to the last minute, as popular destinations, with Calgary being one of them, getting booked up very fast and far in advance. It also cannot be stressed enough how important it is to only book with a company that is fully licensed and fully insured for performing vehicle shipping services. Both parties are responsible for ensuring all necessary paperwork required for a transfer is filled in correctly and in full.

Regarding the prices, they are kept at a very competitive level when it comes to Canada, with there being enough competition on the market to keep it that way and for clients to be able to get a good deal with whoever they book with.

To book with us today, please give us a call on +1 888-755-6888 today, or email us at pcc@professionalcarcarriers.com. A free quote is available on our website, and we can also be reached via all of our social media platforms.

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