Transport a Car with One of the Finest Companies in Canada!

According to the government data, Canada produces over 2 million vehicles per year. There are over 25 millions of road motor vehicle registrations in the country. In 2019, gross sales of gasoline topped 44.8 billion litres. On average, Canadians keep a car for 6.4 years and drive it for about 116,797 km before trading it for a newer model. Looking at these numbers, it would come as no surprise that car transport companies are in high demand across Canadian territories – with the number of vehicles being used and produced in the country growing rapidly each year, reasons why a car would need to be shipped or moved somewhere grow accordingly.

Proving the point, Canadian car transport market is indeed very impressive, and is definitely no short of choice, with a significant number of heavy-weights and very experienced companies firmly holding the leading positions of Canada’s finest. They earned the trust and their reputation through years and years of meticulously great and reliable work, showing their customers again and again levels of professionalism and competence needed in such line of work.

Professional Car Carriers is very proud to be amongst them, with a large base of loyal customers considering PCC services the best in the industry. We put a lot of work into securing and keeping the place of such high regard in our clients’s view, constantly improving and bettering what we do and how we do it.

We provide a wide range of services, from manufacturer and dealership transport to auction, high-end and luxury transport, to snowbirds and non-running vehicles shipping services amongst them. Each of these services requires a unique set of skills and practical understanding of transfers, that’s why we always make sure our drivers are provided with an extensive training that equips them with adequate skills and fully prepares them for transportation of a vehicle of any type.

With many transfers requiring paperwork to be prepared in advance ( for example, international transports like the in-demand Toronto-Florida route or one of many popular snowbirds destinations to name a few), and some basic vehicle preparations to be mindful of (checking gas level, removing personal possessions, etc.), we always make sure our representatives are there for our customers to provide a full list of required paperwork/preparations, and assist with any questions or further details one might need/have before the transfer across Canada happens.

We also operate convenient terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door services which make the transportation process even easier and more hassle-free than ever before.

To get a free online quote from Canada’s finest car transport company, Professional Car Carriers, simply fill in a short form on our website’s main page. Alternatively, you can call us on +1 888-755-6888 / +1 647-722-9727, or reach us on one of our social media platforms. If email is your preferred choice of communication, drop us a line at

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