Vehicle Shipping in Canada – where to start when booking a car shipping?

Canadian vehicle shipping market is one of the fastest and most rapidly growing ones in the world. Thanks to the country’s proximity to the US, its beautiful nature and many fascinating things to see and do in Canada, the market has been expanding beyond anyone’s expectations in the last 5 years.

There are so many reasons why one would need a car to be shipped to, from or across Canada when it comes to this beautiful country. Snowbirds leaving, let’s say, Winnipeg and going to Florida for a few warm months a year, a student moving cities to go to a university, someone moving to Alberta, Canada’s largest oil and natural gas producer. Car dealers, auctioneers, manufacturers – the list is endless.

Whatever the reason for shipping might be, one can be sure there is someone out there just right for performing the job, and experienced enough in one’s unique set of circumstances to deliver the best of results.

There are many well-established companies one can trust and rely on on the market, but, when making the final decision, how do you choose who to book with?

Affordability is usually one of the key points when it comes to decision-making. Competition on the market keeps prices competitive, and most companies will try their best to offer the best deal possible.

Open trailer car carrier is the most cost-efficient way when it comes to vehicle transportation. It allows transporting more than one car at the same time, cutting costs significantly for both parties. However, this way of transportation might expose cars to elements, road dirt, etc. while on the move. When transporting a luxury car or any vehicle of certain significance, it might make sense to use a more expensive way of shipping, yet the one that would have your vehicle properly covered and secured.

One should always go with a company that is fully licensed and fully insured for car transportation services. As mentioned above, there is enough competition on the market for the prices to be kept competitive anyway, so trying to save an extra cent using a company that doesn’t properly operate in a legal way, is at the very least unwise. Shall anything go wrong while the transfer is in progress, it might end up costing the customer much more than what was originally saved.

Many companies also offer very convenient terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door services, which proved to be extremely popular with customers across Canada.

Whatever the requirements are, it is always advised to get in touch with a company one plans to book with as early as possible, as some shipping companies might be extremely busy during certain periods throughout the year, based on season and location. The company also should be able to advise you on what way of transportation is the most suitable for your vehicle, as well as help with all necessary paperwork, and any other shipping requests.

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