Vehicle Shipping Service from Winnipeg to the US

Do you or your company are in need of vehicle shipping services from Winnipeg to the US, and don’t know where to start with booking the service? Fear not – there will be no shortage of options for you when it comes to transporting a vehicle from one country to another.

Known as the ‘Gateway to the West’, Winnipeg is a transportation and railway hub with a diversified economy. This multicultural city hosts numerous annual festivals, including the Festival du Voyageur, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Jazz Winnipeg Festival, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, and Folklorama. Northern Manitoba is also a popular spot for American hunters and fishermen – head to Lockport for a chance to meet some trying to catch a Trophy Catfish!

But it’s not only its citizens that have great relationships – both countries have a life-long, well- established professional relationship, and, sharing a border, are interlinked and connected in many industries. Automotive industry is one of them – according to, in 2020, Canadian imports of automotive parts and components totaled US $13.3 billion. The United States share in the total Canadian automotive import market remains dominant at approximately 63.7%. With a $12.5 billion contribution to GDP in 2020, it is one of Canada’s largest manufacturing sectors. The industry directly employs more than 117,200 people, with an additional 371,400 people in aftermarket service and dealership networks in 2020.

Your safest bet would be, of course, a company like ours – one that has been trading for many years, has many successful years on the market, highly experienced in travelling to countless US destinations via all main routes and roads; has a strong team of professional drivers – real pros and the backbone of our success. The popularity of automotive industry between Canada and the US has kept us busy and, as they say, booked and blessed, and we had time and means to grow and expand, and currently are at a very comfortable level of doing business, where we are equipped and experienced enough to take on a shipment of any size. We have a large fleet of heavy wreckers available at our disposal at all times, and a strong team of employees ready to go – no shipment order is too large or too last-minute for us now. We also made sure to obtain all necessary accreditations and certifications, and are fully licensed and fully insured for performing vehicle shipping services from Winnipeg to the US, or anywhere else a booking might take us! We are not the ones to cut any corners when it comes to safety or legalities, and always make sure to stay on top of everything. An international vehicle shipping, like one from Winnipeg to the US, would include a fair amount of paperwork, and we always make sure to have designated members of staff available to our customers at all times as a first point of contact, should they need any help with filling it in, or have any questions or concerns.

You and your vehicles are in safe hands with us. Delivered in competitive time frames, for a pleasantly surprising fee, straight to a terminal of your choice or your door stop – you can’t go wrong booking with the Professional Car Carriers.

To book with us today, give us a call on +1 888-755-6888 , or email us at A free quote is also available on our website.

Don’t forget to ask us about our special deal – ship 4 cars with us, and get 50% off when shipping the 5th one!

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