We Hear You Need to Transport a Car Across Canada?

To transport your car safely and to its right destination, you need a reliable and trustworthy shipping company. Professional Car Carriers is a secure, trustworthy, reliable and the best auto transport shipping company. With our experience and knowledge, we will transport your car across Canada damage-free to its destination.

Professional Car Carriers is a fully licensed and insured car transport shipping company. Your car will be covered from pickup to drop off for any damages caused while transporting. Read more here: https://www.professionalcarcarriers.com/insurance/

We can handle all of your car transport needs, whether you need to ship an oversized car, auction car, or an exotic car. We will take care of everything.

Even though we are going to take care of everything, there are a few things that you must check before you transport your car with us.


1. Car Transport Condition

You must check your car transport to make sure that the inside and outside of your car is clean. You may want to check your tires as well, to ensure that they have enough air pressure and are in good condition. And not the last but important thing is to check your battery. Make sure the battery is fully charged and in good condition.

2. Car’s Fluids

Check if your car has sufficient engine coolant, transmission oil, and other necessary fluids to ensure that your car is prepared to operate regardless of the climate and at any time during transport when needed.

3. Car’s Fuel Level & Alarms

Your car must have enough fuel in the tank so your car can be driven any great distance when it will be loaded or unloaded by the carriers. An important thing to know is that any factory-installed alarms must be turned off. And please let us know of any special  instructions required to start the car or disarm an alarm.

4. Luggage Carriers

Any luggage carriers, bikes, or ski racks must be removed from your car. Before removing, you must talk to our representative and ask if any of your belongings can be allowed to be kept inside the car during transportation.

5. Personal Belongings

Personal belongings can damage, for example, your car’s window during transportation. We ask to remove all your personal belongings before car shipment. If you want to know what you can leave in your car, you can call us 1 888-755-6888 and talk to our representative.

6. Check Your Brakes

And finally, your brakes need to be in good working condition in order to ship your car safely to its destination because your car will need to be driven on and off of the transport trucks or trains.

Contact PCC for transporting your car across Canada. Let us know if your car transport has any special requirements, so we can be prepared and give you the best customer service. Get a free quote today to identify the make and model of the car and when and where you want it shipped or call toll free (+1) 888-755-6888 to talk to our Representative.

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