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3 Tips On How To Avoid Auto Transport Scam

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Planning to find a company providing services for shipping cars in Canada? Then you need to find a reliable and legitimate one because, like any business, there are fraudulent ones in the shipping vehicle industry too. Here are some tips on how to avoid auto transport scams.

One very common scam is bait and switch scam. In this scam, the car shipping company you approach will give you an unbelievable deal for your car shipping. Naturally, most people agree with this low price of shipping. But once the car is on the move and in their hand, then comes to the additional “charges” and “cost.” Some will keep your car on hold until you pay these extra charges. Ultimately, you end up paying much more than the average cost of shipping your car to your destination.

There is another kind of phishing scam that involves auto transport companies. If you plan to sell your car instead of relocating it, you may get a call from them as an interested buyer. They will be ready to pay your asking price and will send you a check with even shipping charges included along with the price of the car. They will even send a link to their preferred car shipping company. Their only request will be to make sure you cover the transportation charges while the check is being cleared so that the car can be shipped immediately. The scam lies in this car shipping company; it is their front, and the money you pay them is immediately cashed in an untraceable manner. And, of course, the check you submitted to the bank will never clear!

The opposite of such scams also involves a car shipping company. In this kind of scam, the scammers mask themselves as sellers. The car they are selling is often way cheaper than its market value. They won’t ask you to give them the money directly; on the other hand, they will point you to a car shipping company that will “ship” the car. The website will look legitimate, and you will be promised your cash will be in “escrow” until you get your car. But once you fall for this scam, all you be left with is waiting for that car to be shipped. And the website will also become unresponsive.

So, investigate thoroughly, don’t fall for these scams. Save your money and avoid hassles.

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