Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policies constitute the privacy term of our website,, and if any term has not been mentioned in the policy, it will have a similar meaning, as stated in terms of service.

At Professional Car Carriers, we totally respect your right to privacy and thus deliberately take care of all privacy concerns, ensuring that your personal information stays handled safely and responsibly. We don’t collect any personal information from a visitor without their clear permission. However, any information will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality if provided by clients to Professional Car Carriers.

We only utilize the provided data with the consent of the visitor just for fulfilling the purpose you have submitted it. You might come across some capitalized terms while going through our Privacy Policy, these better described as below:

Non Personal Information

It is the information that directly doesn’t relate to the identity of a visitor and can be collected when a visitor accesses the site with the help of a browser. Or maybe, it can possibly be the publicly available information shared among visitors to the website.

Personal Identifiable Information

It is the private information that, if shared will disclose the identity of the user. It can be anything such as their name, email address, password, and other similar related information. Professional Car Carriers take extensive care to ensure the security of such data.

Collected Information

Commonly, a user can control the amount of information they want to allow sharing through our website to some extent. As a visitor, you can browse through our website without putting up any personal information. Though, certain technical information automatically gets stocked the moment an interaction establishes between your mobile phone or web browser with the website.


A cookie is small data stored on your device by the browser, used to personalize the content you would like to see on the site as per our previous searches. Users can change the setting if they don’t want to share the cookies from the setting section of the browser.

Information Sharing

Processional Car Carriers takes full responsibility for the shared information, we don’t allow any third party or our affiliates to view or access the information for any purpose other than the intended one. Affiliates only get the information necessary for their part of the role in the service, not more than that.

Third Party Links

Taking security purposes under consideration, at our website we strictly prohibit sharing of any third party links, which don’t come directly under our domain.


The security of your shared personal information is our responsibility, and we take all possible precautionary measures to keep intact. But we would mention a proven fact that there is no such method of transmission over the internet, which is absolutely secure, though we perform all practical protection trials to safeguard against cyber penetrations.

Policy Updates

Being a dignified organization Professional Car Carriers holds the right to modify the policies any time as necessities. We profoundly recommend our client’s and visitors to review our policies often.

Whenever we make any changes in our policies, we’ll notify you through a blog post or an email.


If you have any queries regarding the privacy policies, you can feel free to contact us, we are here to help you with all are doubts regarding our service and our website: