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Saskatchewan Car Shipping & Auto Transport

Thursday, Nov 2, 2023 by Professional Car Carriers

Ship Your Vehicle To and From Saskatchewan With Professional Car Carriers

Professional Car Carriers (PCC) is a premier Canadian-owned auto transport company, specializing in car shipping services across Canada and the United States, including Saskatchewan. With our extensive experience in the vehicle transport industry, we have honed our skills to provide top-tier car logistics in Saskatchewan. We take pride in offering seamless door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal auto shipping services, customizing every aspect of the transport to fit your specific needs and ensuring the safety and care of your vehicle at every step.

Our expertise in car transport in Saskatchewan allows us to handle a wide range of vehicles, offering reliable car hauling for both individual and corporate clients. We understand the importance of your vehicle's safety, which is why we incorporate the most efficient vehicle shipping methods in Saskatchewan. Our services are not only about transporting your car; they are about providing peace of mind. With Professional Car Carriers, you can expect transparent and competitive car shipping costs in Saskatchewan, backed by glowing 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers.

Whether you are shipping a car from Saskatchewan or to this beautiful province, our team ensures a smooth and stress-free experience. As a leading auto shipping company, we strive to exceed expectations, providing comprehensive solutions for all your car shipping needs. Choose Professional Car Carriers for reliable, efficient, and professional vehicle shipping services in Saskatchewan – where your car's journey is as important as its destination.

Vehicle Pick-up/Delivery Options in Saskatchewan

At Professional Car Carriers (PCC), we offer tailored pick-up and delivery options in Saskatchewan, catering to the unique needs of our clients. Our services include both convenient door-to-door delivery and practical terminal-to-terminal options, ensuring flexibility whether you're at home, at work, or on the move. With a strong network across the province and connections to most major Canadian cities, PCC provides a seamless and efficient vehicle transportation experience. 

  • Terminal-to-Terminal: In Saskatchewan, our vehicle pickup and delivery require meeting our transport truck at a designated commercial location, which our driver will arrange with you for convenience. Local car dealerships can also serve as alternative terminals, streamlining the process for ease and efficiency.

  • Door-to-door: Enjoy the convenience of direct residential pickup and delivery of your vehicle, available for an additional fee. We offer both trucking and driving services, ensuring your vehicle is safely transported to our shipping terminal for its next departure.

  • Contact Us for More Information: To learn more about our vehicle delivery and car shipping services across Saskatchewan, please get in touch with us.

How Does Vehicle Transport To and From Saskatchewan Work? 

Here’s our process:

  1. First, get a free instant quote from Professional Car Carriers. We promise this will take less than 5 minutes of your time. Select origin and destination, fill out your vehicle information such as year, make and model, and complete the form with your contact information.

  2. Our team will reach out to you for service booking confirmation and send you a booking form to fill out and return to us before moving forward.

  3. Once our services have been booked we will be in touch to coordinate pick up/drop of your vehicle. 

  4. At the time of pick up & drop off, our drivers will complete a thorough pre-transport inspection of the vehicle's interior and exterior. Our drivers will take images that will be uploaded to our system.

  5. After a thorough inspection has been completed, our team will securely fasten the vehicle onto our carrier truck for transport.

  6. Once the car is delivered to the drop-off location in Saskatchewan or another city, our drivers will inspect the vehicle again before it is returned to you.

Car Shipping Pricing and Quotes in Saskatchewan

The cost of auto transport is largely determined by the shipment's origin or destination. Additionally, the weight and size of the car, along with any custom modifications, significantly influence the final shipping price.

Contact Us

For an accurate and detailed quote, or to learn more about our auto shipping services in Saskatchewan, we encourage you to contact our team or request an instant quote today. Our experts are ready to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.


How much does it cost to ship a car from or to Saskatchewan?

The cost of transporting your vehicle to or from Saskatchewan, is determined by various factors, each playing a significant role in shaping the final shipping rate. These include:

  • Travel Distance: The longer the distance between the pickup and drop-off locations, the higher the cost.

  • Vehicle Type and Size: Larger and heavier vehicles generally require more resources to transport, leading to higher charges.

  • Pickup and Drop-off Accessibility: If your locations are in remote or less accessible areas, this can increase the shipping cost.

  • Seasonal Factors: Seasonal changes can affect the transport route and may lead to rate adjustments.

  • Current Fuel Prices: Fluctuations in fuel costs directly impact the overall shipping expenses.

  • Delivery Urgency: If you need your vehicle delivered quickly, our expedited shipping option is available for an additional fee.

At Professional Car Carriers, we pride ourselves on delivering expert advice and personalized support tailored to your unique needs, ensuring the best possible vehicle transport solution. To gain a more comprehensive insight into our pricing structure, we encourage you to request an instant quote or contact our experienced team of specialists


We transport vehicles within Canada and the United States. The locations we mainly ship from includes: Montreal, Ottawa, Belleville, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria. We also ship to other regions on special request, and reach out to a member of our team today for more details.


You may ship your personal belongings inside your vehicle within Canada. PCC permits personal items as long as they are below the window level. We do not charge extra for items that are inside the trunk of your vehicle. There is a charge of $150 plus tax added to the transport fee for large items in the front or back seat. For safety reasons, we don’t allow dangerous goods like alcohol or prohibited items in the vehicles for shipping.


We encourage our customers to call or email our team regarding the status of your vehicle during the shipping process.

Is it necessary for me to be present at the time of pick up and delivery?

Yes, someone needs to be there to hand over and receive the vehicle, give the keys to the driver, and sign off on the initial and final inspection reports. This individual can be anyone you trust who is over 18 years old and authorized to release or accept your vehicle on your behalf.

When should I schedule my vehicle transport?

The earlier you book your vehicle's transport, the better we can accommodate your requirements. Ideally, you should plan and schedule your vehicle's shipment about 2 to 3 weeks ahead. If you need faster service, we offer expedited shipping options for more urgent transport needs. Feel free to contact us and discuss with one of our car shipping specialists about the various scheduling options available for your vehicle's transport.

How do I pay for PCC's car shipping service?

At Professional Car Carriers, we offer various payment methods for your convenience:

  • Credit Card: We accept Visa and Master Cards at Professional Car Carriers. An additional charge of 3% will be applied to all orders processed with a credit card.

  • Direct Deposit: Direct deposits offer a convenient and reliable means to quickly deposit funds directly into your RBC account, allowing you quick access to your money.

  • Interac Email Transfer: Send the email transfer to pcc@professionalcarcarriers.com using the password "pcc." In the notes for the transfer, ensure that you include the name of the shipment and the order number for your shipment.

  • Wire Transfers: Please contact us for more details.