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Get Fast & Reliable Auto Transport Services with Professional Car Carriers in BC.

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Ship Your Vehicle To and From British Columbia With Professional Car Carriers

Professional Car Carriers (PCC) is your go-to choice for seamless vehicle transport to and from British Columbia. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, our company provides a reliable and efficient solution for all your vehicle transportation needs in this picturesque province.

British Columbia, renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse communities, and vibrant cities, attracts individuals and families from across Canada and beyond. Whether you are relocating to British Columbia, buying or selling a vehicle, or need to ship your vehicle within the province, PCC is here to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Our services encompass a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to luxury vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. We offer flexible delivery options, including convenient door-to-door service and terminal-to-terminal service, allowing you to choose the pick-up and drop-off locations that suit you best. Our extensive network covers not only Vancouver, but also surrounding cities and areas in British Columbia, making our services accessible throughout the province.

For those with urgent shipping needs, we provide expedited services to meet tight schedules. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and efficiency has made us a trusted partner for auto transport to and from British Columbia. 

Vehicle Pick-up/Delivery Options in BC

Our skilled drivers are fully prepared to transport your car to your preferred destination in British Columbia. We provide a range of options for both pick-up and drop-off. If you opt for added convenience, our local drivers can deliver your vehicle directly to your specified location with an associated extra charge. Alternatively, we can proactively coordinate a meeting point at a terminal that aligns with your schedule and convenience.

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In BC, you are required to meet the transport truck at a specified commercial area for pickup and delivery. The truck driver will contact you to confirm a suitable meeting spot. Additionally, a car dealership can be used as another terminal location.

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We provide doorstep pickup and delivery services for your vehicle in different cities. Note that additional charges will apply. You have the option to choose between trucking and driving services for this process.


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Contact Us for More Information

To learn more about our vehicle delivery and car shipping services in BC, please get in touch with our team.

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How Does Vehicle Transport To and From British Columbia Work?

Here’s an overview of our auto transport process.


Initial Booking: You will receive a booking form from our team to complete and return, which initiates the process.


Quotation and Service Booking: After you receive a price quote, we'll provide a booking form for you to officially book our services.


Coordination of Vehicle Transport: Following the booking, we will contact you to arrange the specifics for your vehicle's pickup and drop-off.


Pre-Transport Vehicle Inspection: Our drivers conduct a detailed inspection of your vehicle's interior and exterior at both pickup and drop-off points. They will take photographs and upload them to our system for documentation.


Secure Transport Preparation: Once the inspection is complete, we securely fasten your vehicle onto our carrier truck, ensuring safe transportation.


Final Delivery and Inspection: Upon delivery at the destination, our drivers perform another inspection of your vehicle before it is handed back to you, guaranteeing that its condition remains the same throughout the journey.

Our Services

Individual Vehicle Transport Service

Since 2018, PCC has been providing Canadians with the finest door-to-door vehicle transporting service.

Open Car Transport Service

Looking for efficient & reliable open car transport services in Canada? Safely move your vehicle with Professional Car Carriers.

High-End & Luxury Auto Transport

Professional Car Carriers is the leading luxury and high-end transport company in Canada & US. We not only ship your vehicle, but we also ensure that it is transported with the utmost care.

Auction Car Transport Service

Buying or selling a car from an auction? Have your vehicle transported safely and quickly across Canada & the US.

Dealership Vehicle Transport Service

Efficient dealership transport services in Canada. Trust us to transport your inventory with care & precision.

Manufacturer Auto Transport Service

Join Tesla, Honda, Toyota, and more in relying on our expert services. Get an instant quote for your vehicle shipping needs today!

Non-Operational Vehicle Transport

Professional Car Carriers offer quick and reliable shipping solutions for non-running vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free experience across Canada and the US.

Seasonal Travelers & Snowbirds Car Shipping

Explore our snowbird auto transport services for a secure journey from Canada to the US. Escape the Canadian winter with Professional Car Carriers!

Car Transport Service for Import & Export Companies

Import or export your car from Canada and the US fast & safely with assistance from Professional Car Carriers.

Classic Car Transport Services

Trust PCC for the safe and secure transport of your classic car across Canada. We offer specialized services to ensure your prized possession arrives safely.

Truck Transportation Services

Need reliable truck transport across Canada? PCC offers secure and efficient shipping solutions nationwide.

Oversized Vehicle Transportation Services

Need reliable to ship a large or oversized vehicle across Canada? PCC offers secure and efficient shipping solutions nationwide.

Car Shipping Pricing and Quotes in BC

Our car shipping and delivery prices are calculated based on the location where you want your car transported. As well, the car’s weight, size, and modifications can impact the final shipping price. Customers can contact us for more details about our auto transport services or request an instant quote

Contact Us

Start your vehicle shipping journey by connecting with us through our website's contact form or by giving us a call at +1 888-755-6888. If you prefer email correspondence, you can reach us at to gain comprehensive insights into our shipping process.

Transporting your vehicle to or from British Columbia doesn’t have to be stressful and challenging. Trust us to handle this process for you. Whether you own a sports car, a truck, or an SUV, our seasoned team has a track record of successfully transporting vehicles of all sizes and models. Don't hesitate to contact us today to arrange a pick-up or drop-off at a terminal, or simply request a quote for a convenient door-to-door service. Your vehicle is in capable hands.




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