Nova Scotia Car Shipping & Auto Transport Services

Get Fast & Reliable Auto Transport Services with Professional Car Carriers in Nova Scotia.

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Ship Your Vehicle To and From Nova Scotia With Professional Car Carriers

At Professional Car Carriers, we don't just car shipping vehicles; we deliver excellence. Our extensive experience in the auto transport industry has honed our skills in offering premium vehicle shipping services. We understand that shipping your vehicle is about more than just transportation. It's about providing a smooth, stress-free experience coupled with affordability and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

In the heart of Nova Scotia, Halifax, we stand as your go-to experts for reliable and efficient auto shipping services. Whether you're looking to move your vehicle within, into or out of Nova Scotia, we've got you covered. Our team specializes in managing every aspect of the car shipping process with precision and care, ensuring your car's safe, timely, and budget-conscious delivery.

We pride ourselves on simplifying the complexities of vehicle transportation. By choosing Professional Car Carriers, you're opting for a service that puts your needs and peace of mind at the forefront. Experience the difference with our tailored approach to car shipping, designed to free you from the burdens often associated with vehicle transport. Let us handle the logistics while you enjoy a seamless, hassle-free journey with your vehicle.

Vehicle Pick-up/Delivery Options in Nova Scotia

Our services encompass an array of car shipping options tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal shipping across Canada, from the scenic coasts of Nova Scotia to the bustling cities of the U.S. To ensure maximum convenience, we offer personalized delivery right to your doorstep in select locations for an additional fee.

Understanding the importance of flexibility, we adapt our services to your unique circumstances. Our experienced drivers are dedicated to making the shipping process as convenient as possible. They will proactively reach out to coordinate the most suitable pick-up or drop-off points, closely considering your specific location and preferences. Trust us to bring ease and efficiency to your car shipping experience.

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The procedure in Nova Scotia involves meeting the transport truck at a chosen commercial area for both vehicle pickup and delivery. You will coordinate with the truck driver to establish a suitable meeting location.

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We offer the convenience of having your vehicle picked up and delivered right to your doorstep in Nova Scotia. Please note that this service incurs additional fees. To accommodate your needs, we provide two options: trucking or driving services. After your vehicle is picked up, it will be taken to our shipping terminal, where it will be prepared for its onward journey on the primary transport truck.

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Contact Us for More Information

To get more detailed information about our terminal-to-terminal vehicle delivery and door-to-door car shipping services in Nova Scotia, please don't hesitate to reach out to our experts.


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How Does Vehicle Transport To and From Nova Scotia Work?


Begin by obtaining a complimentary instant quote from Professional Car Carriers, a process that will consume less than 5 minutes of your valuable time. Simply indicate the origin and destination, provide essential vehicle details like the year, make, and model, and finalize the form by entering your contact information.


Subsequently, our dedicated team will contact you to confirm your service booking and forward a booking form for your completion and return, marking a pivotal step in the process.


After successfully booking our services, our team will maintain communication to coordinate the seamless pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.


At the time of pick up & drop off, our drivers will complete a thorough pre-transport inspection of the vehicle's interior and exterior. Our drivers will take images that will be uploaded to our system.


After a thorough inspection has been completed, our team will securely fasten the vehicle onto our carrier truck for transport.


Once the car is delivered to the drop-off location, our drivers will inspect the vehicle again before it is returned to you.

Our Services

Individual Vehicle Transport Service

Since 2018, PCC has been providing Canadians with the finest door-to-door vehicle transporting service.

Open Car Transport Service

Looking for efficient & reliable open car transport services in Canada? Safely move your vehicle with Professional Car Carriers.

High-End & Luxury Auto Transport

Professional Car Carriers is the leading luxury and high-end transport company in Canada & US. We not only ship your vehicle, but we also ensure that it is transported with the utmost care.

Auction Car Transport Service

Buying or selling a car from an auction? Have your vehicle transported safely and quickly across Canada & the US.

Dealership Vehicle Transport Service

Efficient dealership transport services in Canada. Trust us to transport your inventory with care & precision.

Manufacturer Auto Transport Service

Join Tesla, Honda, Toyota, and more in relying on our expert services. Get an instant quote for your vehicle shipping needs today!

Non-Operational Vehicle Transport

Professional Car Carriers offer quick and reliable shipping solutions for non-running vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free experience across Canada and the US.

Seasonal Travelers & Snowbirds Car Shipping

Explore our snowbird auto transport services for a secure journey from Canada to the US. Escape the Canadian winter with Professional Car Carriers!

Car Transport Service for Import & Export Companies

Import or export your car from Canada and the US fast & safely with assistance from Professional Car Carriers.

Classic Car Transport Services

Trust PCC for the safe and secure transport of your classic car across Canada. We offer specialized services to ensure your prized possession arrives safely.

Truck Transportation Services

Need reliable truck transport across Canada? PCC offers secure and efficient shipping solutions nationwide.

Oversized Vehicle Transportation Services

Need reliable to ship a large or oversized vehicle across Canada? PCC offers secure and efficient shipping solutions nationwide.

Car Shipping Pricing and Quotes in Nova Scotia

The cost of our car shipping and delivery services is tailored to your specific location in Nova Scotia. Factors like the distance between the locations, weight, size, and any custom modifications of your vehicle will also play a role in determining the final cost. For a preliminary estimate, feel free to use our instant quote tool. Alternatively, you can contact us for more detailed information or specific inquiries. 

Contact Us

For comprehensive details about our car shipping services in Nova Scotia, we encourage you to get in touch with us. You can easily reach us by phone at +1 888-755-6888 or through email at

We understand that shipping a car to or from Nova Scotia can be a challenging and time-intensive process. At Professional Car Carriers, our mission is to streamline this process for you. Our team has extensive experience in handling a diverse range of vehicles, from standard family cars to exotic sports cars and vintage classics. Trust our seasoned professionals to ensure your car is transported safely. Let us take the burden of auto transport off your shoulders. 




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