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4 Factors That Will Influence Your Car Shipping Cost

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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When you plan to ship a car across the country, you will need to find the most affordable one. However, many factors will determine your car’s shipping cost. If you are interested to know what they are, here are some of them.


Location is the first factor that will determine your car transportation cost. How far you are transporting your car will be considered while quoting a shipping price. The distance and the actual destination will also matter when calculating this cost. For example, shipping to major cities will always be cheaper than shipping to rural or smaller towns, even if the distance covered is the same. That is because when you need your car delivered to a smaller town or rural area, the car transport company needs to divert from the main route to deliver your car.


The season is the second important factor when shipping your car to Canada. Typically, transporting your car in summer will cost much less than doing it in winter. It is more important if you are shipping your car to a destination where winter is harsh and snowfall is heavy. It makes driving harder, so if it is not an emergency, try to transport your car during the summer. 


The third important factor is the shipping mode. Generally, in Canada, you have two options while transporting your vehicle. You can either use the railways or use multi-car delivery transporters. Another factor of shipping mode is what type of coverage you want during the shipping. For example, if you want your car to stay away from harsh road conditions, you must choose carriers that provide fully covered transportation options. The cheaper ones will, of course, be the uncovered ones, but in such cases, your car will be exposed to environmental elements and harsh road conditions.


Then there is the delivery speed. Like any other delivery, vehicle shipping within Canada can be done through a standard or expedited delivery system. Any delivery that is express delivery will cost you much more than those with normal delivery times. That is because, in a normal delivery, car companies need to plan for multiple cars in a particular route or delivery schedule. But for those offering rush car transport, they will deliver just your car, and you will get it in a much faster time. 


So, these four important factors will determine how much you need to pay to ship your car across Canada.

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