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4 Tips on Choosing a Canadian Car Shipping Company

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Are you planning to ship your car to Canada? Here are four important tips to help you find the best car shipping company in Canada.

Area of operation

When scoping for a car shipping company, the first thing to look at is their service area. It should be local, regional, within the country, and internationally. Now, depending on your need, you should choose a car company that operates where you need to ship your car. For example, if you need to ship it within a single province, selecting a company that provides just local operations will do. But if you are shipping across borders, such a company won’t work for you.

Insurance provided

Insurance coverage provided by the car shipping company is very important. And the company you are talking to should explain it thoroughly when you ask them about it. Car shipping companies in Canada primarily provide 3 types of car insurance. They are:

  • Commercial general insurance
  • Automobile liability
  • Inland marine/Motor truck cargo

When talking to a car shipping company, enquire well regarding which type they are providing and what is covered in them. Choose them only if the insurance coverage is just what you need.

How long do they take

The third important criterion to check out is how long they take to ship your car between the destinations. Now companies differ very much when they give you an approximate transit time when you enquire with them. One may present the transit time as when your vehicle will be on their truck or train, while others may include wait time before a shipment is sent. The companies offering the second transit time are always better because they don’t start shipping the moment you drop your car with them. They must wait for all their shipments to arrive before shipping them. So, knowing the maximum transit time your car may take, you can better plan your schedule.


The last important tip is, of course, finding an affordable auto shipping company. Don’t consider a company just because it is offering the lowest price; make sure you are getting the services you need at that price point. If you are getting a slower transit period and not good insurance coverage regarding damage or even bad service, then there is no point in working with such a company, even if their price is low. Affordability should not mean below-par service.

So, these are the three important tips regarding finding a goodcar shipping company in Canada.

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