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5 Documents You Need When You Ship Your Car Across Canada

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Whether you are shipping a car from abroad or within Canada, there are some important documents you need to furnish when doing Canada vehicle shipping. In case you need to know, here are five essential documents you must furnish for shipping your car.

Title or Registration of your car

You will need to furnish your original Registration for your car to show that you own it. It will prove that the vehicle is not a stolen one. Plus, your Registration in the province you are currently in shows that your car has all the legal documents it needs. If you are buying a used car and shipping it to you, the seller must endorse the current certificate of title to show the transfer of ownership. The title will have all the essential information regarding your vehicles, like its model type, VIN, colour, engine number and vehicle registration number. So, with it, you can register your vehicle for shipping across Canada.

Bill of Sale

If you have purchased a new car from somewhere and shipping it where you stay, then you need a copy of the bill of sale for the car. However, if your car is financed or leased, you will need to furnish a notarized bank letter to prove that they allow you to ship the car.

Photo id

Along with your car’s paper, you will also need to furnish your photo id proof when registering your vehicle for shipping. It can be anything from your unexpired driver’s license to your current passport (the photo page). The shipping company must make sure your valid photo id proof is on the file, and they are not allowed to share it with a third party.

Car insurance certificate

All auto shipping companies may not ask for this document, but some might. So, submit a copy of your car insurance if the company asks for it. Sometimes the company may provide cargo insurance which insures your car against damage when you transport vehicles across Canada. If the company you hired does not provide one, you need to get it and submit the document.

Bill of Lading

The shipper will provide this document when you submit the car with them. It is the receipt the shipper will give you, and it should have information like your car type, destination, and quantity. It will also show the car’s condition during pick up and delivery.

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