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A Guide To Shipping Vehicles In Winter

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Canada and Winter! What a deadly combination. While the country is the land of freedom, happiness, and opportunity, it is also a place where transportation becomes rough in winter. So if you are thinking of shifting to some other place, you have to take multiple steps to ensure that your car gets shipped to the choice of place safely. Hence, we have created a simple guide you can follow to get your car shipped in winter.

Tips For Transporting A Car From Canada To The US In Winters

Remove The Personal Belongings

You need to remove all the personal belongings from the car. Although this is a tip applicable in all seasons, the significance of this factor multiplies in winter the most because it is when the chances of theft get higher. Moreover, loose items rolling around in the trunk or the seats can damage the interior of the car. In addition, if there are any liquids left inside the car, it will leave you with a giant mess to clean after the car gets shipped.

The fluid levels should be checked:

The car you are thinking of shipping from Canada to the US should have at least half a tank of gas in it. In addition, it should have plenty of antifreeze so that the tank line doesn't freeze. If the car doesn't start at the designated destination, then there is a chance that it may cost you additional charges. That is why you have to ensure that it has at least a minimum fluid level to jump-start the car upon arrival.

Take note of existing damage:

Make sure that you document all the existing damage to your car. So, to do it, you just get a lot of pictures of your car from different angles so that there is proof which signifies what condition your car was in. Although carriers are super careful with the cars entrusted with to ship, accidents are prone to happen, especially in winters. So, you must take pictures that will act as proof in the event of any damage occurring. This will lead them to cover the cost of the damage.

Although there are many car shipping companies, we believe that the Professional Car Carrier will transport a car from Canada to The US. This is because they are cost-effective, efficient, and punctual about delivery. Moreover, their methods of service are lenient and credible.

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