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Everything You Need to Know About Snowbirds Auto Connection and Car Shipping

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Whether you are an experienced snowbird or a first-timer, figuring out what to do with your car for this period of time is usually one of the first things to sort out when preparing for the snowbird season. There are three common options considered: to drive it, to ship it, or to store it, with the second option being the most popular choice. When going for the ‘ship it’ option, it’s also important to be wise choosing a shipping company that deals with snowbirds car shipping.

With the pandemic continuing to alter our lives dramatically this past year, and remote working dominating the job market, snowbirding becomes more popular by day amongst the working population, with many more people being available and open to the idea. With the changes brought upon our lifestyles since Covid-19 disrupted our lives in early 2020, more and more people consider not only leaving their permanent homes for winter season and chase sun and warmth for a part of a year, but to keep relocating to warmer spots again and again once their current place of staying enters a chillier season.

While majority of snowbirds would have a RV in their possession which would be able to get them from point A to point B if needed, the RV can also restrict snowbirds from driving to certain locations and thus withhold them from getting the richest experience there is, therefore having a car would be an absolute necessity when showbirding.

Shipping a car with a snowbirds car shipping company rather than driving it to the point of destination is also the most practical way of transporting the car without causing it any damage. With snowbirding destinations usually being long-distance drives, it’s important to avoid wear and tear and extra mileage on your car when possible. Winter tires also might have to be switched to all season ones when driving the car yourself, which adds an unwelcome hassle to the snowbirds experience.

Booking your snowbirds car shipping with us, you are guaranteed stress- and hassle-free vehicle transportation, performed by experienced drivers who always go an extra mile looking after vehicles when on the road.

We will also help you with paperwork that has to be completed for shipping, with a full list of required documents as well as details and tips provided upon booking. With many years of experience on the market in general and with snowbirds auto connection and car shipping in particular, we learned all ins and out of snowbird transfers, and are known to be providing a safe, reliable, and stress-free experience for our customers.

Snowbird season is a very busy season for snowbirds auto connection and shipping companies, therefore it’s advised not to leave booking your shipping to the last minute – please request a quote at least a week in advance.

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