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How to Choose a Car Freight Shipping Company

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Ask any business owner, and he will tell you how some professional relationships are the backbone of the business. Just like no grocery store can fully operate without regular deliveries, some businesses absolutely cannot operate without their car freight shipping partners. Finding a reliable car freight shipping company oftentimes is responsible for 50% of a business success.

As a company that has been successfully trading on the market for many productive years, we know first-hand all the ins and outs of a car freight shipping company. Here are some key points to ensure a business is dealing with a trustworthy and reliable car freight company:

1. The company has to be fully licensed and fully insured for performing car freight shipping. Getting a cheaper deal by sacrificing being legally protected shall anything go wrong while in transfer, simply is not worth it.

2. The company has to be comfortable and able to perform shipping of a required size. We know too well how transporting large quantities of car freight requires a certain amount of experience, organisation and, of course, equipment. It is important not to get over- ambitious trying to expand too much too. At the present moment, we have a large fleet of heavy wreckers available to us at all times, and no freight shipping is too large or too last-minute for us. However, that has not always been the case. It is important for both parties to make sure the sizes of their business collaborate and compliment each other.


There are two types of carriers used by car freight shipping companies: an open carrier, and an enclosed one. The open car carrier is the default go-to option as it is the most cost efficient one for both parties, allowing transportation of up to 10 vehicles at once. However, if exposure to elements has to be considered and avoided, an enclosed car carrier would be used instead.

4. Car freight shipping requires some preparations: all personal/ company belongings have to be removed from vehicles, tanks should be filled up, all related paperwork filled The company one employs to ship the car freight has to be able to fully assist and, if necessary, take the lead when it comes to vehicle preparation.


Although corporate shippings are usually performed regularly and all times and routes are coordinated in advance, it is strongly suggested not to leave requesting any booking to the east minute, especially large. Some routes are very popular with shipping companies and are used on a daily basis, making them very busy and hard to move through according to a desired schedule.

6. Many companies offer very convenient terminal-to-terminal and even door-to-door services. This feature is more popular with individual bookings rather than corporate ones, however sometimes corporate bookings too will find this feature highly beneficial. It is definitely worth looking into.

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