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How To Prep Your Car For Shipping?

Nov 10, 2023 by Professional Car Carriers
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Preparing your car for shipment could be a difficult task. It takes a lot more than pickup or drop. Whether shipping a car from Toronto to Calgary or somewhere local, you must keep things handy for the shipment company to receive the car and deliver it to the designated place. Receiving the quotes for car shipment is one thing and preparing the expensive vehicle is another. As a responsible owner, you must keep an eye on certain aspects to avoid any future trouble you might face instead of the shipment company.

Wondering what the crucial things to be kept in mind are? Well, without much ado, let us clearly understand the process, which might help you understand the preparation process. So, let’s gather all our positive aura and begin the exploration journey!

Preparation Time!

  • Gather Documents: Before you ship your car, gather all the documents, including vehicle registration information, buying bill, insurance proof, driver’s license, etc. This will help you have everything in place and mentally prepare yourself for future circumstances.

  • Let your car get maintenance: Check your car before shipment. Check the tire pressure, battery level, oil, brakes, power steering, and washer. Also, look for the mileage it covers. The tires must be inflated to avoid any further damage. Make sure to get it checked from every aspect.

  • Vacate the gas tank: Before you ship the car, make sure you empty your gas tank. This will reduce the extra weight of the vehicle. In addition, doing so would reduce the extra charges from the shipping cost.

  • Clear the extra accessories: Extra accessories like rooftop boxes, antennas, etc., can cause external damage to the car. Before you ship the vehicle, remove all the accessories for a smoother process transition.

  • Read the contract well: Contract is a crucial part of the process. Make sure you read every aspect of the contract before you finalize the deal and sign it. Reading it properly would clear all your doubts and keep you stress-free. Professionals would never hesitate to make things clear before the deal.

Shipping your vehicle is a delicate process; getting worried about it or having questions is a common criterion. At Professional Car Carriers,  we have got the best service to serve. With many years of experience, you can get the best quote from us. So, begin the journey today. Looking for Car Shipping in Canada? Initiate the same with basic steps of researching the available shipping companies.