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Shipping A Truck Across Canada

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Here’s the scenario—you live in Charlottetown, and you’ve got to get your truck to Victoria. You’re travelling over two oceans, mountain ranges, the Canadian Shield, and more.

Sounds like an awesome road trip—but an expensive one. You’ll have to buy food (usually take-out), stay in hotels, and pay for gas. For long-distance, cross-country moves, many people elect to get their truck shipped—auto shipping can be a lot less expensive than driving yourself.

The idea is simple—we’ll transport your truck while you transport yourself to your destination by plane. In this article, we’re going to explain exactly how shipping a truck across Canada works. 

How You Can Ship a Truck

You’ll ship your truck with an auto transport service like Professional Car Carriers. We’ll get all the details about your truck—make and model, as well as any modifications you’ve made to it. We do this in order to ensure that our carrier has enough room for your vehicle—we have several carriers in our fleet, so we’ll choose the one that’s right for you.

Once we’ve processed your request, we’ll give you a pick-up date. We offer door-to-door auto transport services, so we’ll pick your truck up from your house, then drop it off at the new location.

We recommend you submit your request for shipping at least 8 weeks before you need our auto shipping service. This will help you secure the best rates and ensure that we’ve got the right carrier available. Calling in advance is especially important if you have a large truck or a truck modified with a lift kit—anything that might make your vehicle larger than average. 

The Truck Shipping Process

In order to ship your vehicle, we’ll need keys, a document permitting us to ship the vehicle, and access to your truck. That’s it!

From there, we’ll come to pick up your pickup (pun intended) wherever you need us to. We’ll load it onto our transport trailer, then get it shipped to its destination.

We have several different styles of transport trailers—for most trucks, an open-air trailer will do the trick. Those of you who have a pickup that’s particularly rare or valuable can opt to have it shipped in a closed trailer.

Our expert drivers will then transport your vehicle to the destination you specified in your request—shipping is as simple as that. We’ll unload the vehicle for you, park it in your driveway—whatever you need! 

Shipping Your Truck With Professional Car Carriers

Our auto transport services go above and beyond standard car shipping—we’re more than happy to accommodate your truck, whether it’s a small pickup or a much larger truck. We’re a Canadian company, and our drivers know the roads in Canada well—we’ll get your vehicle safely to its destination.

Save money, and get your truck across Canada without having to worry about spending a week or more driving. Call Professional Car Carriers today! 

If you are interested in shipping your vehicle, you can get an instant quote today!

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