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Shipping Car To USA From Canada? Then You Need To Know These Points

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Many people regularly ship their cars from Canada to the USA through car transport Canada companies. If it is your first time, here are some important things to know about the process.

Let’s start with the period. If you ship your car to the USA for 12 months or less, then the best part is you don’t have to pay a huge duty tax. To be considered as a temporary vehicle, your car:

Has to be shipped to the USA for personal use.

You will be in the USA with the car for less than 12 months.

You will sell or even attempt to sell your car at no point during your stay.

Now let’s see if you are moving the car permanently to the USA or if you plan to sell or leave your car in the USA. In that case, the car is considered an import and must undergo all the regulations and rules applied to any imported item. The duty tax is the foremost, which is a whopping 25% of the vehicle’s value if your vehicle is a truck, 2.5% if your vehicle is a car and so on. Moreover, your car has to meet the emission standards of the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency. The good news is your car manufacturer can help you get this certification. Their U.S. representatives can get this certificate on your behalf, so contact your car manufacturer.

When it comes to the actual transport of the car, whether you are doing it by yourself or through a car transport company, make sure it is empty. The U.S. Custom department prohibits bringing even the most harmless thing in your car across the border. So, thoroughly check your car before giving it to the auto transport Canada company, as the car can be seized if any undeclared item is found in it during the border check.

Not only do you have to check the inside of the car thoroughly, but also the undercarriage. That is because it should not be carrying any invasive species or toxic material into the USA. The undercarriage has to be very clean and will be checked well during the border crossing. To avoid any mishap, do a professional car cleaning at least 72 hours before your car is scheduled to cross the border. And when you give it for cleaning, make sure to mention the cleaners to pay special attention to the undercarriage of the car.

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