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The Types Of Car Transport Services Explained

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Vehicle transport services use a wide variety of different trailers to move vehicles from place to place. Not all of these many forms of transportation are built equally—each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we’ll explore the different trailers vehicle transport services might use to move your car or truck to its destination. By understanding these different methods of transportation, it will be easier for you to select which transport service is right for you. 

The Different Types of Car Transports

Single-Car Trailers

Single-car trailers are a popular method of vehicle transportation, both for personal use and for businesses looking to ship cars a short distance. These businesses may include:

Car dealerships

Rental car companies

Repair shops

Towing companies

Film and TV production companies

And more

These businesses often need to move vehicles from one place to another over a short distance, but they rarely need to move multiple vehicles simultaneously. Single-car trailers are an excellent option for hobbyists who want to bring their vehicles to car shows, too. 

Single-Level Flatbed Carriers

Single-level flatbed carriers are large trucks equipped with long flatbeds. They’re useful when moving large objects or multiple vehicles across relatively short distances. 

Vehicle transport services will sometimes use single-level flatbeds when:

They don’t have many vehicles to ship to a destination

The destination is nearby

The vehicles being transported are all being dropped off in close proximity to each other

Many other companies use single-level flatbed carriers, including:

Construction companies


Natural resource companies (oil, mining, etc.)

Towing companies

And more

Multilevel Carriers

Multilevel carriers are trailers designed to transport multiple vehicles simultaneously. They feature both an upper and lower level for carrying vehicles. These trailers are most commonly used by vehicle transport services, as they offer the most economical means of transporting multiple vehicles.

Depending on how they’re loaded and the size of the carrier, multilevel carriers can transport anywhere from 5 to 12 vehicles. The size of the vehicles they’re transporting plays an important role—a truck is going to take up more space than a car, after all.

Most multilevel carriers, like single-car trailers and single-level flatbeds, are open and exposed to the elements. In most cases, the benefits far outweigh the risks, but there are times when an enclosed carrier may be preferred.

Automobile manufacturers typically use multilevel carriers to transport vehicles to dealerships. They’re rarely used outside of the auto industry. 

Enclosed Carriers

Enclosed carriers are either single or multilevel carriers that offer an enclosed space for vehicles. This protects them from the elements. A transport service will often opt to use enclosed carriers when it’s transporting classic or luxury vehicles.

The downside to enclosed carriers is that they’re more costly; they’re next to impossible to use for overseas shipping and can even add substantial costs for people looking to ship their vehicles from Canada to the United States. Nonetheless, if you’ve got a priceless vehicle, an enclosed carrier may be the way to go. 

Shipping Your Car With Professional Car Carriers

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