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Understanding The Shipping Contract

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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Do you know the foremost element that everyone thinks of while hiring an auto shipping service? The container in which it is going to be delivered. Do you know what the least element people tend to think about? It is the car carrier contract.

However, a contract is one of the most important documents that prove and guarantee your shipping agreements. So to ensure that you are prepared, we will share with you certain points to negotiate or sign a shipping contract.

Let’s Understand What A Shipping Contract Is:

A shipping contract is a binding legal document between a carrier and a shipper. The shipping contract would outline both the parties’ liability in case of cargo loss, damage, or force majeure. In addition to that, the car transport contracts would indicate the time when the liability will be transferred to another party. So, as a rule, an agreement would include the following:

The name of the parties.

The information related to delivery services

The origin and the destination locations


Any reimbursement policy that has been added

Keep in mind that the shipping contract would hold juridical power over any verbal promises. The shipping contract would be enacted immediately after signing. However, unless otherwise stated in the document. No party will be allowed to change the arrangements already included in the agreement after it has been signed with mutual consent. The Carrier’s Responsibility:

Any carrier would help with the delivery and the tailored domestic and international shipping services. Handling the US customs clearance for international customers has become a routine for most shipping companies. Certain common shipping responsibilities and services are mentioned below.

Finding the right driver to deliver your vehicle.

Delivering to the destination stated by the client

Booking the container

Loading the car safely

Collecting the necessary export documents

They are onboarding the vessel if it is an international order.

Depending on your specific shipping requirements, the shipping company would do it. A Customer’s Responsibility:

As a customer, you will have to double-check the agreed information. Make sure that all the details are accurate and correct. Now, feel free to ask if there is something unclear. Moreover, keep in mind to check the terms and conditions to prevent miscommunication. This will keep you in the clear. Do it before signing the agreement.

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