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What Is A VIN Number?

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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A VIN number is a special code created specifically for each vehicle made, and it’s essential to know what it is if you ever want to get car insurance or make warranty claims. And, if you need to transport your vehicle from one city to another, you’ll need your VIN to submit the order.

So, what exactly is a VIN, and why is it important?

What the Letters and Numbers in a VIN Represent

A VIN shouldn’t be mistaken for a vehicle’s license plate. A VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is a series of letters and numbers that you’ll find on your vehicle registration, insurance papers, and even the vehicle itself.

A vehicle identification number is often 17 digits long, but there are some older vehicles with shorter VIN characters. Before 1981, a VIN varied in length. There are some vehicles out there with a VIN of 11 characters. It’s important to note that AutoCheck can only report vehicles with a 17-character VIN. Trying to obtain information on vehicles made before 1981 can be very limited.

You can think of a VIN as the car’s fingerprint. It provides relevant vehicle history information, such as the model, manufacturer, make, year, and classification.

The Identification Number

Here’s an example of a vehicle identification number: 1DGCH31GXNT106174.

  • 1st Character:

    Identifies where the vehicle was built

  • 2nd and 3rd Characters:

    Identify the manufacturer

  • 4th to 8th Characters:

    Indicate the vehicle’s brand, type, and engine

  • 9th Character:

    The security code that identifies the VIN’s authorization from the vehicle manufacturer

  • 11th Character:

    Indicates where the car was assembled

  • The Last 6 Characters:

    The vehicle’s serial numbers

How Do I Find the VIN?

If you’re trying to do a VIN check, you might want to look at the car’s dashboard on the driver’s side. Look at the corner area where the dashboard meets the windshield. The VIN should be printed there in small digits.

If you can’t find the VIN, try opening your car door and investigate the area where the door latches when it’s closed.

Those are the two main locations where your VIN can be found.

When in doubt, you can always refer to your insurance policy information or vehicle registration to find the VIN.

You can receive a free VIN check if you enter it into an AutoCheck vehicle history report and will then receive a form that shows the year, make, model, and the vehicle’s manufactured country. The report will also identify additional vehicle history records for your specific automobile.

Finishing Your Order With Professional Car Carriers

When contacting Professional Car Carriers for your auto transport needs, all you need to do is fill out our booking form, make sure to provide your vehicle identification number, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll contact you about vehicle pick-up/drop-offs, provide thorough inspections, and safely ship your car with careful precautions. Shipping your vehicle should be made easy, and that’s what we’re all about. Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team for more information about our car shipping services.

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