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Get a Car Transport Online Quote and Book with us Today

When booking a vehicle shipping service, one would normally start by making oneself familiar with costs, prices and fees. For times like these, a car transport online quote feature can prove to be especially handy, giving a customer an idea of spending region without some painful emailing back and forth.

As a car manufacturer or a car dealer, the next step would be to make sure whoever you are about to book with is reliable and trustworthy. Being in the car industry yourself and having to manage other aspects of your own business, the last thing one would need is vehicle shipping going wrong. This is a headache that simply cannot be afforded.

As a company with many years of experience on the market in general, and in manufacturer and dealership transport services in particular, we value our hard-earned reputation and our customers’ time and commitments, always providing the best service of the highest standard. We are fully insured and fully licensed for performing vehicle shipping services, and have all certifications that might be required for providing such services, making sure our clients are safe with us, and can trust us with having their vehicles in our possession for the duration of the transportation.

Our trusted, experienced team of experts is there to make sure all specifics, requirements and personal circumstances are put into consideration, and a tailored, personalised service that is right and unique for your business is provided for you, and executed with military precision by our team.

We have all possible equipment that might be needed for an industrial transfer in our possession, including a huge fleet of heavy wreckers. A team of trained and highly experienced workers and drivers are there to make sure your vehicles are safe with us and given the best care every second of the transfer. Having a good number of large automobile manufacturers amongst our regular customers, we are experienced in transporting hundreds of cars simultaneously, so are very prepared and have resources available for large shipping orders.

We also take extra care and measures to stick to delivery times agreed, and always make sure to have your vehicles at the point of destination promptly at the hour requested.

We perform both domestic and international shipments, and operate services to and from all main cities in Canada and the US. We also are there for you to provide and assist with any paperwork included in a transfer, and make sure to keep on top of all the latest legal requirements and Covid regulations related to auto transportation services, especially international ones. We have a team of reliable advisers available to you at all times during the booking shall you have any questions or worries.

Car online transport quote is available on our website to give you an idea in terms of how much shipping services might cost, however do not hesitate to get in touch with our representatives to discuss any personal circumstances and details unique to your booking – your comfort and satisfaction are our number one priority, so we always try our best to accommodate any personal requests.

Don’t forget to also ask about our special promotion – ship 4 cars with us, and get 50% off the 5th one!

To book with us today, give us a call on +1 888-755-6888, or email us at pcc@professionalcarcarriers.com.

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