Ship Your Car from Toronto to Vancouver

Ship Your Car From Toronto to Vancouver

Finding a Reputable Car Shipping Company

When looking for a reputable auto shipping company to transport your car from Toronto to Vancouver, you need to keep an eye out for the following factors:

  • Registration And Licence: All Vehicle Shipping Companies Must Have The Proper Registration And Licence To Provide Its Services.

  • Reviews: Look Up What Customers Have To Say About The Company And How Reliable Its Services Are. Reviews May Also Point Out Other Satisfactory Elements About The Company, Such As Price, Customer Service, And More.

  • Clear Policies: Always Read The Company’s Policies And Ensure They’re Identifiable. The Last Thing You Want Is To Be Confused When Shipping A Car From Toronto To Vancouver.

  • Transparency: Car Shipping Companies Should Always Provide Complete Transparency When Shipping And Handling Vehicles. That Includes Pick-Up/Drop-Off Times, Pricing, Insurance, Discounts, Etc.

Preparing Your Car for Shipment

Before continuing with the shipping process, all customers must fill out a booking form. Once we receive the form, our dependable representatives will book your vehicle shipping/delivery dates.

Before having your car shipped from Toronto to Vancouver, you might want to take care of the following:

  • Ensure The Interior And Exterior Of The Vehicle Are Clean.

  • Update Your Insurance.

  • Perform Necessary Maintenance, Such As The Brakes, Car Battery, Tires, Etc.

  • Leave The Gas Tank One-Quarter Full. A Full Tank May Add More Weight And Increase Your Shipping Cost.

  • Sign The Bill Of Lading.

Scheduling a Pick-up Date

When booking with our car shipping company, our representatives will schedule a drop-off or pick-up date. We provide terminal pick-ups and drop-offs for those living in Vancouver. Our drivers will contact you when your vehicle has been safely transported from Toronto to Vancouver and arrange a time for pick-up.

The total distance from Toronto to Vancouver is around 4300 km. Auto shipping can take up to 3-4 days.

Inspection Upon Arrival

Our responsible drivers always inspect your vehicle before and after shipping. In addition, our team takes photos of the vehicle’s interior and exterior before loading and delivering. We provide photos and delivery order information via our app. We always strive to resolve potential issues before releasing the car to you.

We also inspect vehicles to ensure nothing went wrong during the journey. Our insurance policy covers all vehicles during transport.

Car Shipping Cost & Comparison

The cost of shipping a car to Vancouver from Toronto will depend on the following information:

  • Weight Of The Vehicle

  • Car Model

  • Modifications Made To The Automobile

  • Distance Of Transport

Generally, it can cost roughly $1,800 or more, depending on the vehicle and transport option. Delivery by rail can cost less, but it isn’t always the most reliable alternative. We provide auto transport from Toronto to Vancouver by trailer truck or individual transport, which costs around $1900 or more. These shipping methods offer more protection, as you can ensure our experienced drivers can deliver your vehicle from point A to B without complication.

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