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Shipping a Car from Toronto to Calgary – How to Choose a Vehicle Shipping Company

It would not be too much of a stretch to suggest that there is currently no other city in Canada that is developing and growing as rapidly as Calgary does. The gas and oil capital of Canada, Calgary has been welcoming the industry’s best minds who see and appreciate opportunities Calgary has to offer them, as well as young families and people who are attracted to Calgary’s newly-gathered buzz and potential. The blossoming of Calgary also made vehicle shipping businesses in the area blossom as never before, with shipping cars from Toronto to Calgary becoming one of the most in- demand routes.

Despite having a very advanced public transport system in the city, Calgary is very automobile-dependent. Many young families move into Calgary’s suburbs which means they have to have a personal vehicle in their possession to move around.

The gas and oil industry creates demand for industrial vehicles, too, as well as cars for employees who travel to and from work in the area.

When moving to Calgary, many newcomers prefer to ship their cars to the area too, and that’s when vehicle shipping services step in to do their job.

When choosing a company to ship your car with, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

  • Always make sure to choose a company that is fully licensed and insured. The market demands keep prices and fees very competitive anyway, so taking a risk cutting a few other dollars off the fee by choosing a company that makes cheap deals due to its illegality, is a risk simply not worth taking.
  • Your vehicle has to be properly secured when on the move, and shielded from any exposure to elements. This takes trained and experienced drivers/staff who assists with vehicle loadings, hence the company staff has to be fully-trained and experienced.
  • It is always safer to book with a company that has some social media presence. It helps you get a better idea of how they operate and/or equipment they use, or just to get a visual of what the shipping looks like from their end.
  • The company you book with has to be able to assist with, and be in charge of if necessary, any paperwork included in the transfer.
  • Some companies provide a very convenient terminal-to- terminal or even door-to- door service. This feature is popular with customers and takes a lot of stress out of the transfer, so is very worth being explored. If you feel like this feature would benefit you a great deal, it might make sense to focus on companies that provide the said service.
  • Toronto to Calgary is an in-demand route when it comes to car shipping, so it should be easy to find a fast delivery. However, due to the route’s demand, it is strongly advised not to leave booking your shipping to the last minute.

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