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Shipping Vehicles from Canada to the US – Transport Your Vehicles from Canada to the US

When shipping vehicles from Canada to the US, whether it is a one car transfer or shipment of hundreds of cars on a car carrier, it is very important to follow the procedure, make sure all paperwork is filled in correctly, and that the vehicle(s) are prepared according to all requirements.

Large vehicle shipments are very popular between the countries, due to how interchangeable resources are, and countries’ established working relationships.

A company like ours – one that has many successful trading years on the market, an established reputation and clientele, a huge fleet of heavy wreckers at our disposal at all times, and lots of experience operating on all major Canada – US routes – would be very familiar with any challenges that might occur when you transport vehicles from Canada to the US. Our shipping process is pretty much polished to perfection these days, and we can not only perform shipments of the highest quality, but also advise on any important details to consider when booking a cross-border transfer.

There are certain requirements when it comes to the state a vehicle should be in prior to the transfer, i.e. full tank, removal of any personal belongings, etc. A company you book the shipment with should be able to properly assist you with it, and provide you with the full list of requirements. Same goes to the paperwork – you should be fully assisted with filling in all the forms. There might be certain members of staff assigned to dealing with it, which significantly helps the process. We personally have a team of representatives who are available to our clients for the entire time of their booking, which gives the clients much needed peace of mind as they know who is their first point of contact, and who exactly go to shall they have any questions or queries.

When considering how long it might take to transport vehicles from Canada to the US, it would heavily depend on how a company you book with operates. A company like ours would have a well-oiled system in place, and a good amount of shipments booked at all times. Combined with significant experience operating on all major Canada – US routes, it would be easier for the company of our size to deliver a vehicle in a shorter period of time. However, if time is not an issue, there is absolutely nothing wrong with longer delivery times.

It would also be worth nothing that there are two types of car carriers used when it comes to shipping vehicles from Canada to the US, or shipping vehicles in general: open car carriers, and enclosed car carriers. The open car carriers are the most cost-efficient ones, and hence by far the most popular option on the market. It does not, however, protect the vehicles from exposure to the elements while on the road, so if this is something that might be important to the client, an enclosed car carrier should be used instead.

Many companies also offer terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door delivery services – the features proved to be very useful for and popular with customers, and are definitely worth looking into.

To book with us today, give us a call on +1 888-755-6888, or email us at A free quote is also available on our website.

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