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Snowbirds and Auto Shipping Services – What to Know about Shipping Your Car

Snowbirding is extremely popular among Canadians. So much so, data shows that 4 out of 5 snowbirds coming to the US are from Canada.

Thousands and thousands of Canadians head to Florida, Arizona and Texas each year, making these destinations very popular with snowbirds. As a direct result, auto shipping services are very sought-after when it comes to these destinations, with cars being shipped there regularly.

One of the main topics when it comes to snowbirding, apart from legalities of course, is the question of transportation, and, to be more precise, whether to take your own car with you, too, on top of driving an RV. Both options are popular, and depend only on one’s own personal set of circumstances, however there are many undoubted advantages in using auto shipping services, and having a four-seat car on site with you.

  • Snowbirding camps and locations are well-adjusted to RVs and campervans, however if one would like to add some sightseeings, or to get a job during their stay there, they might find that travelling into town and especially parking there with a vehicle as big as a campervan, would be quite problematic, and restrict number of locations/ things to do available to them. Having a car there would make the stay way easier.
  • Snowbirding destinations are usually a long drive away. For example, the road distance between Winnipeg and Florida is 1938.6 miles. Driving the car yourself will add some very unnecessary miles onto the car mileage, and can easily shift it to the high-mileage side. The cost of fuel needed for a journey as long as this one also wouldn’t come cheap.
  • Going from a colder climate to a warmer one, tire switching might also be required while on the road – from winter tyres to summer tyres, and back. It also takes quite a lot of space in the trunk.

Using auto shipping services and actually shipping your car to the location of snowbirding takes a lot of stress and worries away, as well as gives you more freedom of movement during the stay there.

Choosing a company to book the shipping with, it is advised not to leave contacting them to the last minute – some companies are very popular with snowbirds, and get booked up well in advance. With international shippings like Canada to the US, it is also very important to stay on top of all the paperwork involved in the transfer, and to have all forms filled in full and correctly. The company has to be able to assist you with any forms or questions you might have. The list of forms and requirements is usually available on a company’s website.

Most shipping companies also operate terminal-to-terminal and door-to- door services. Some customers find it very useful, especially with snowbirding destinations. This feature is definitely worth being explored.

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