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Transport A Car From Toronto To Florida

The Florida to Toronto route has become a very popular one these past few years, especially with snowbirds. Many Canadians made it a regular thing for themselves to leave Canada’s winter climates for warmer destinations, with Florida being the ultimate favourite destination, according to official data. Naturally, car transport to Florida from Toronto has become a very popular service, too.

One of the main questions that would arise for someone who plans his snowbirding route, is whether to take his vehicle with him too. Of course, a RV or a camper van will be driven to the destination and will be in a snowbird’s possession for the duration of the snowbirding season as a form of transportation. However, a large vehicle like a RV or a camper van is quite limited in terms of where it can be parked and driven to, when it comes to going into a town or doing some sightseeings. Snowbirding camps and assigned locations are very well equipped for this type of vehicle, but once you are out of it, the snowbird can face some challenges driving a RV.

When one decides to indeed take one’s regular car with them, too, another question to be asked is this one: should you drive the car yourself, or have it shipped to the location? There is no right or wrong answer to be honest, but there undoubtedly are some very heavy cons on the shipping side. The driving distance to Florida from Toronto is 1350,64 miles one way. Driving it yourself both ways will add some very high and very unnecessary mileage to a car – every car owner’s worst nightmare. Because of the temperature difference, tires often have to be switched along the way too – from winter ones to summer ones and vice versa. The tyres would also take up quite a lot of space in the trunk – not ideal by any means.

All of that can easily be avoided when the car is shipped. Vehicle shipping is very popular with snowbirds, and it’s easy to see why. But is there anything to consider if one chooses to indeed transport the car to Florida, from Toronto or from anywhere else in Canada?

The most cost-efficient form of car transport to Florida from Toronto is using an open car carrier. This way up to ten cars can be transported at the same time, significantly cutting costs for both the shipping company and the client. There is a fair bit of paperwork involved when it comes to an international vehicle shipping service. The company one books with has to be able to provide all papers for it, as well as to assist with filling it correctly. All personal belongings should be removed from the car prior to shipping. It is also usually asked for the tank to be full.

A very obvious yet too often overlooked point that cannot be stressed enough – one should only book with a company that is fully licensed and fully insured for performing vehicle shipping services.

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