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What Determines The Shipping Charges?

Saturday, Feb 3, 2024 by Professional Car Carriers
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A vehicle is one of the most valuable possessions; this makes it crucial for a person to take the car along while relocating locally or internationally. Many people decide to take their car along with them on vacation. Whether taking a long holiday or relocating, taking the car along is among the first thoughts. How to take them along? Driving it yourself is not the right option always. You can choose Car Transport to Vancouver and stay in peace.

Wondering about the rate of shipping? Car shipping rates often vary from company to company and eventually depend on various factors while confirming the price. While deciding on the best car shipping company, you must consider a few things which would determine how high or low the shipping charges would be. Curious? Keep reading this article to know more about it.

Factors determining the shipping rates

The season can create a huge difference

: Like any other business, car shipping companies have a season when their rates are incredibly high or low. As long as it concerns the rate, spring and fall could be considered the busiest, while the summer and winter could be expensive. This is the time when most people decide to relocate. With increased winter traffic and road blockages, usually, the prices are higher in winters.


Location is a huge factor

: When it comes to deciding the shipping rates, the location could be a great factor contributing to the rates. Planning on

Shipping Car from Toronto to Vancouver

? That might be a pinch on the pocket. Contrarily shipping your car within a short distance might be cheaper. Transporting it to a major city might make it cheaper, while transporting it to a place with fewer routes might be expensive.


Distance covered:

The distance covered will make the shipping rates high or low accordingly.


Weight and size of the vehicle

: The size and weight of the vehicle are among the crucial factor determining the cost. A large vehicle would be more expensive because it takes a lot of space and effort to ship and vice versa.



A car shipping company would suggest a few dates for delivery. If you need your car to be delivered at a specific time, this might be an expensive deal.


We at Professional Car Carriers believe in providing flexible payment options with pocket-friendly rates. Worried about your car? Don’t worry; it’s safe with our experienced drivers.

If you are interested in shipping your vehicle, you can get an instant quote today!

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