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Ship Your Vehicle To and From Mississauga With Professional Car Carriers

Professional Car Carriers ensure a seamless and stress-free process for shipping your car to or from Mississauga. We offer a variety of auto transport options tailored to meet your specific requirements, whether it's door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery options. Our extensive network across Canada, coupled with our local expertise, positions us uniquely to provide reliable and efficient car shipping solutions. Our team of professional drivers and customer service experts are committed to delivering exceptional service, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely and on time. With Professional Car Carriers, you can be sure that your car shipping experience will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism, making us the go-to choice for vehicle transportation in and out of Mississauga. Choose Professional Car Carriers for your vehicle transportation needs. 

Vehicle Pick-up/Delivery Options in Mississauga, ON

PCC is delighted to provide a wide array of car shipping solutions throughout Canada, encompassing door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery choices. With our offices nationwide, we're fully prepared to manage all your vehicle transportation requirements. In Mississauga, our local drivers are eager to bring your vehicle directly to your doorstep for an extra fee. We will give you notices within 24 to 48 hours regarding the scheduling of pick-up and delivery times for your vehicle.

We prioritize the safety of your vehicle during transport. Thus, it will be fully insured, with an option for you to choose a policy that eliminates all deductibles for an extra $150 plus tax. Customers who opt-out of this policy will have a $500 deductible applicable in case of any damages during transport. Rest assured, all other potential fees are covered by our standard insurance policy.

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In Mississauga, the process for both picking up and delivering your vehicle entails meeting our transport truck at a predetermined commercial location. You will connect with the truck driver to select an appropriate and convenient location for pick-up or drop-off.

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In Mississauga, we provide a service where your vehicle can be picked up and delivered directly to your doorstep. Bear in mind that this service does come with an additional fee. To meet your specific requirements, we offer two options: trucking and driving services. 

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Learn more about our car shipping services in Mississauga by contacting us.

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How Does Vehicle Transport To and From Mississauga Work?


First, get a free instant quote from Professional Car Carriers. Select origin and destination, fill out your vehicle information such as year, make and model and complete the form with your contact information.


Our team will reach out to you for service booking confirmation and send you a booking form to fill out and return to us before moving forward.


Once our services have been booked we will be in touch to coordinate pick up/drop of your vehicle.


At the time of pick up & drop off, our drivers will complete a thorough pre-transport inspection of the vehicle's interior and exterior.


After a thorough inspection has been completed, our team will securely fasten the vehicle onto our carrier truck for transport.


Once the car is delivered to the drop-off location in Mississauga or another city, our drivers will inspect the vehicle again before it is returned to you.

Our Services

Auction Car Transport Services

Buying or selling a car from an auction? Have your vehicle transported safely and quickly across Canada & the US.

Dealership Vehicle Transport Service

Efficient dealership transport services in Canada. Trust us to transport your inventory with care & precision.

Manufacturer Auto Transport Service

Join Tesla, Honda, Toyota, and more in relying on our expert services. Get an instant quote for your vehicle shipping needs today!

Individual Vehicle Transport Service

Since 2018, PCC has been providing Canadians with the finest door-to-door vehicle transporting service.

Open Car Transport Service

Looking for efficient & reliable open car transport services in Canada? Safely move your vehicle with Professional Car Carriers.

High-End & Luxury Auto Transport

Professional Car Carriers is the leading luxury and high-end transport company in Canada & US. We not only ship your vehicle, but we also ensure that it is transported with the utmost care.

Non-Operational Vehicle Transport

Professional Car Carriers offer quick and reliable shipping solutions for non-running vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free experience across Canada and the US.

Car Shipping Pricing and Quotes in Mississauga, ON

The cost of our car transportation services in Mississauga, Ontario, is tailored to your specific requirements and location. Several factors are considered when determining the final quote for shipping your vehicle. These include the weight and size of your car, as heavier and larger vehicles require more resources to transport safely. Any modifications to your vehicle, such as lift kits, oversized tires, or custom bodywork, can also affect the price, as these alterations may necessitate special accommodations or equipment to ensure safe and secure transport.

Contact Us

At Professional Car Carriers, we are dedicated to providing top-notch car shipping services and are ready to assist you with any questions you may have. To get started, request a personalized quote or reach out to us:

  • Online: Fill out the contact form.
  • Phone: Speak directly with one of our representatives by calling us at +1 888-755-6888.
  • Email: Drop us a line at for detailed inquiries or information.
  • In-Person: Visit our headquarters for a face-to-face consultation at Unit 13, 109 Fernstaff Court, Concord, ON L4K 3M1.

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