Car Shipping Halifax: Safe & Reliable Car Transport Services

About Our Company

Shipping vehicles is a complex process, and with many years in the auto transport industry, our team at Professional Car Carriers has provided many car shipping services with affordable prices and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. 

You can trust our company for safe car transport in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our professional drivers can deliver your vehicle to or from Halifax on time and within budget. Let us worry about the journey so you don’t have to. 

Halifax Pick-up/Delivery Options

Our auto transport company can provide door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping services across the country, as we have various pick-up and delivery options available for many cities in Canada. We can also ship your car to the United States. Depending on your location, our dependable local drivers can deliver your car to your personal address at an additional cost. 

While we offer terminal pick-ups and drop-offs for the residents of Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver, our drivers can set up a meeting point closest to your address for customers in other major cities around Canada. 

You can rest easy knowing your vehicle is 100% covered by our insurance policy during transport. We provide the option of a policy that waives all deductibles for an additional $150 plus tax. Customers that aren’t interested in the policy may be subject to a $500 deductible should any damages occur during the shipping process. 

All other fees are covered by our insurance policy. 

How We Transport Your Car

If interested, our representatives can offer a quote upon request through email or by phone. A booking form will be sent to you to fill out before proceeding with our services. Once you’ve returned the form to our team, we’ll notify you when the vehicle is booked for transport. 

You can count on our drivers to thoroughly inspect your car and provide pictures before loading your vehicle onto a transport truck. Our team also takes pictures after unloading the car. You can view the photos and review updates on our app with every delivery order. 

Your vehicle will get shipped from point A to point B in one of our secure transport trucks. We always double-check that each automobile is strapped safely to avoid bouncing around during delivery. 

Once the vehicle has arrived at its destination, our team will inspect it again before delivering it to you. 

Pricing and Quotes

Our shipping and delivery services will be determined by your location in Halifax. The weight, size, and modifications of the car can affect the final price, as well. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our car delivery services, contact our team through our website or call. Once you’ve reached one of our representatives, we’ll be able to provide further details about the shipping process. 

You can visit us at our offices in Toronto and Winnipeg, call us at +1 888-755-6888, or email our team at

If you’re moving to Halifax from another city in Canada, the auto transport operation can be tricky if you go at it alone. Luckily, our professional drivers have the experience and skill to avoid complications while on the road. We’ve delivered trucks and cars of all sizes. Contact us to schedule a pick-up/delivery or request a quote. We’re more than happy to deliver your car on your behalf.


Where can I ship my car to?

We can ship your car to Canada and the U.S. The locations we mainly deliver to include: Montreal, Ottawa, Belleville, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria. 

Where can I ship my car from?

The locations we typically ship vehicles from include: Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria. 

Can I ship my car with personal items inside?

You can ship your car with personal items inside if they’re below the window level. We don’t accept vehicles filled to the brim with items. There’s no extra cost included for the contents inside the trunk. An additional $150 plus tax is included on top of the transport fee for larger items in the front or back seat of the car. 

Can I track my car’s location during the shipping process?

We currently don’t have a tracking system to follow cars during shipping. However, customers may call us or send an email for inquiries about your delivery.