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Ship Your Cars Across Canada With PCC

Maybe you’ve got an exotic car or an extra vehicle that needs to get between provinces, or maybe you just don’t want to make the drive yourself. Whatever the reason, letting someone else ship your vehicle across our massive nation doesn’t have to be exhausting.

Here are five things to think about before shipping a car across Canada

1. Before you book your delivery check all the types of transportation

Depending on your vehicle type, having it loaded onto a carrier that hauls six or even more cars at once will cut costs, because the company you book with will usually organize other cars to be dropped off at various points along the route. Therefore it economizes fuel, time, and money.

2.   Collect from a pick-up vehicle’s point

Door-to-door service might be right if you’re hauling something classic, rare or exotic. We understand how difficult it may be to deliver a car yourself to the pick-up point. Therefore at Professional Car Carriers, we provide a stress-free option: door to door or terminal to terminal services.

3.   Transport delivery times

Waiting until the last minute to book delivery is not an option for you if you don’t want to spend more money than you planned. Because companies that handle large, long-distance loads strategically book and plan in advance, and a last-minute booking that requires quick turn-around delivery can wind up costing you three times more.

4.   The insurance policy

When your auto transport becomes damaged along the way, you will need insurance. Therefore it should go without saying, but always make sure the company you choose has an insurance policy in place that suits your shipping needs.

Professional Car Carriers is a fully licensed and insured company. We can ensure that your car will be covered for any damage that can be caused during transportation, which means you can count on us when it comes to delivering your car in a timely and safe manner. Don’t forget to read more information about our insurance policy here. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at (+1) 888-755-6888.

5.   Prices will vary from…to

The above-mentioned considerations will significantly affect the price, but it depends on the company you go with. Also, the cost of transportation may differ depending on the mileage, size, weight of vehicles, and the vehicle’s condition. But don’t worry we provide the best deal on the market. Therefore we can ensure you get the best shipping rates available.

Ship your car across Canada with PCC

You can let us know about your needs and budget by submitting a free shipping quote. You will need to identify the make and model of the auto transport and when and where you want it shipped. Once you accept a quote from us, you will receive our contact information, so you can ask questions, raise any concerns, and talk specifics, which can give you a good sense of the whole transportation process. Please call us now if you have any specific questions regarding car shipping services across Canada at (+1) 888-755-6888.

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