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There were 35,742,412 total vehicle registrations in Canada in 2019, according to the official data. 84% of Canadians own a car, while another 9% want one, and 37% own two or more vehicles. Canada is currently the thirteenth-largest auto-producing nation in the world, and seventh largest auto exporter by value, producing 1.4 million vehicles and exporting $32 billion worth of vehicles in 2020. So looking to transport a vehicle across Canada, one shouldn’t be surprised to find out how popular and in-demand such services are. Whether we are talking about private one-car shipping, or industrial shipping of thousands of cars, the vehicle shipping market is very established, popular and highly sought-after here in Canada.

One might have learned to wait for last-minute deals and bookings to cut oneself the best deal out there. Unfortunately, this cannot be applied to the vehicle shipping market: when it comes to transporting vehicles across Canada, the earlier one books the better. Most companies plan their shipments well in advance, and a late booking might set you back a few hundred dollars more than a regular booking fee would.

There are two car carriers commonly used for vehicle transportations: an open car carrier, and an enclosed one. The open car carrier is by far the most popular way of transportation, as it is the most cost-efficient one. Allowing for up to ten cars to be transported at the same time, it significantly cuts costs for both the client and the business. The open car carrier does not, though, protect vehicles from exposure to elements while on the road. So if the exposure to elements has to be avoided – especially in cases of transporting vintage, luxury or high-end cars – an enclosed car carrier would be preferred instead.

Transporting a vehicle across Canada, i.e. within the country borders, one might be tempted to cut a few corners and save a dollar. However tempting that might be, one should be strongly advised to only book with a company that is fully licensed and fully insured for performing vehicle transportation services. Should a road accident occur while the vehicle is in transport, or any other unforeseen circumstances present themselves while one’s vehicle is in the possession of the vehicle transporting company, any cut corners and/or saved dollars would be heavily regretted.

To transport a vehicle across Canada, there will be few papers for one to fill in. A company one books with, has to be able to provide assistance and answer any questions regarding the paperwork. Although both parties are responsible for keeping themselves updated on all latest Covid regulations and requirements, the company has to also be able to provide the client with all the latest updates on it.

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