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Vehicle Shipping from Winnipeg to the US

Winnipeggers are not strangers to the idea of snowbirding. Quite on the contrary, you’d find a surprising amount of Winnipeg residents leaving cold winter temperatures for a more welcoming climate of East Coast, relocating there for a few winter months, and coming back to Canada once spring sets in.

One of the main questions that are there for the snowbirds to decide before departing, is whether to ship their own vehicle to the snowboarding destination with them, too. Or maybe drive it there? Or to leave it behind in Canada all together, as a camper van would be used anyway? Well, that depends.

First of all, it depends on one’s plans for the duration of snowbirding. If one is about to get a job in the US for the time of their stay, one would need to be able to regularly access town streets.

Snowbirding spots, as well as motorways, are well equipped for camper van size vehicles, while regular streets are not very much so. For work, or for packing as much sightseeings in as possible, one would be much safer and would find it much easier to get around in a regular four-seat car. It is also much more convenient for a family, especially for a family with small kids, to have more than one vehicle on sight.

Should one decide to drive a car themselves, one should take into consideration the distance between Winnipeg and the US. There is roughly 3350 km between Winnipeg and Florida one way, which will almost certainly move one’s car into high-mileage. Due to difference in temperatures and seasons, tyres would almost certainly have to be switched along the way, too. That would take up a lot of space in the car, as well as add some unnecessary stress and hassle. For a family with kids, it also would not be easy for parents to travel separately, and for only one of the parents to manage the kids during the entire journey.

So when it comes to experienced snowbirds who have been there and done that, the preference goes to shipping the vehicle instead. Vehicle shipping from Winnipeg to the US is a very popular service with shipping companies; the route is operated regularly and smoothly.

Preparing a car for shipping, one would have to remove all personal possessions from the vehicle, fill up the tank, and fill in any related paperwork. A company the snowbird books the transfer with, has to be able to fully assist with every step of vehicle preparation, as well as paperwork.

Due to the high demand this service and this route are always in, it is strongly advised to request the shipping as early as possible.

Many companies, including us, offer very convenient terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door services, which proved to be very popular with customers. It also eliminates a lot of stress in case a vehicle gets into the country before the owner does.

To book your vehicle shipping from Winnipeg to the US with us today, give us a call on +1 888-755-6888 , or email us at A free quote is also available on our website.

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